Catherine McNeil for Flair 2012.

I have to say, I am so glad Catherine McNeil is back in the modelling world. She has always been one of my favourites. Her beauty goes beyond words and she has such a feline, aggressive yet totally captivating look about her. One of those faces that, the longer you look at, the more beautiful she becomes. I remember meeting her years ago (maybe 2005!?), at a casting for my sister's (Alice McCall)Australian fashion week show. She was just getting started then and the minute I saw her I knew she would make it far. Anyway, here is some of her latest work for Flair Magazine. Katja Rahlwes is the photographer, with Sissy Vian styling (click through to see some of her other work, amazing!) Hair was styled by Alessandro Rebecchi and make-up by Georgina Graham. All in all, amazing creatives working together to accomplish the below…  I am totally obsessed with the Balmain blazer in the last image.. To die for!! xx


Chloe Norgaard for US Harpers Bazaar

I'm in love with this girl! She's naturally a brunette but has been dying her hair for years by herself and with the help of friends. Usually you only see this sort of colour on models for a show or because they have to. But not Chloe, and I love it! She is not only beautiful, but incredibly unique. I think we will be seeing a lot more of her! She's definitely a new face to watch. Although she has been modelling for a few years, I think she is about to make it big… Well, at least I hope so! Born in LA, she moved to Texas at the age of 2. Her dad is Danish and her mum is Polish/ Irish decent, so a very interesting mix. Below is an editorial shot by the amazing Terry Richardson for the November issue of the US Harpers Bazaar. Makes me want to go and dye my hair crazy colours!! xxx


Rosie Tupper for Miss Vogue.

Rosie Tupper is one of my favourite Aussie models. She is so amazingly beautiful and I love these black and white photographs from Miss Vogue shot by the amazing Nicole Bentley! If only I could afford the jewellery in them (from $500- $70,000)… One Day? Although in saying that, the ear cuff in the third photo is by ASOS and only $60 so I take back what I said before (and at this stage I can only just afford that!)… Anyway, the last photo is a Dior ear cuff which is also amazing but is $730 so a little bit more pricey.. I'm also loving  the Lanvin Cross necklaces in 1 and 5 retailing for $1020 and $1619.. I've always been a sucker from crosses! hmmmm….. :) xx


Costume Jewellery for SS13.

Sorry for the delay in posts!! I haven't been feeling the best and only just getting my energy back now. Gahhhh… It's the worst. Anyway, looking at the ready-to-wear runways for Spring Summer 13 I've been loving the oversized, chunky jewels and accessories from the designers. Luckily VOGUE made it easy for me and put together an album of some of the most amazing pieces from designers such as Lanvin, Givenchy, Valentino (that see through clutch is AMAZING), Chanel, Celine, Balenciaga (the 5 finger gold rings!!) and more. Every time I check out these pieces it makes me want to start designing my own label more and more! One day :) Anyway, here are a selection of some of my faves… Enjoy xx



So Just playing around on the blogskies and figuring everything out! Just claimed my blog on Bloglovin which I just assumed I had done!? Weird. Anywayyyy, in the spirit of all things blog and love I have attached some cute heart photos for your viewing pleasure! Love y'all, until next time.
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Street Styling.

Gotta love people observing, especially around Fashion Week! People are 'dressed to impress' as silly as that sounds! I know for lots of people, half the fun of fashion week is getting ready and dressed up so you can look good for all the other guests. I love it! I wish people would dress like this all the time.  Yes of course the designers and models on the runway in the latest creations are the main event, but you'll notice lots of people loitering around the front and inside waiting to get their photograph taken. I got some of the photos below from The Sartorialist and Fashion Chalet which I love. The colours are amazing and so vibrant! The crazy, amazing heels that I would love to own in my wardrobe, especially the ones in photos 13, 15 and 24. Honestly, what I would do! Not to sure about the ones in photo number Four, I would be freaking out that I was going to fall backwards. The skirt in photo number 6 I would kill for and Anna Dello Russo in photo 7 looks ridic!! In a good way. Loving the two girls in photo 19. Probably a favourite of mine. They have a grunge, street, casual look about them with a rock influence. The girl on the left wearing the 3/4 sleeve bright green KENZO jumper (which I need) and denim shorts with the other girl in the photo wearing denim shorts, a green shirt with tiny pink flowers and rolled up sleeves, complete with a green clutch look amaze. Love how they have both worn a statement necklace which take their looks from very street to street-chic. Lastly if anyone knows who designs the dress in photo number 25 I really want to see the whole thing. It looks cool, apart from the arm detailing. Not to sure about it. Anyway, I added the last photo in cause I am always a sucker for black and gold. Can't go wrong! Until next time xx

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