The silly season is here.

Well firstly I want to apologise for the lack of posting. Christmas got the better of me and after working something like 15 days in a row up until the night of the 23rd of December, at which point I hadn't bought a single present, I was pretty much exhausted and a little frazzled to tell you the truth!! I feel terrible as I really plan to post regularly with interesting content so that if you are checkin out ma blog you have a little smile on your face, or feel happy/ better because of it. Anyway, not much I can do now but post! So it got to Monday the 24th and I had Mum, dad, my 2 sisters and their partners, my two nieces, my fiancé, his parents and his disabled sister to buy presents for. Uhoh… Somehow I managed to pull it all together without spending too much money (more than I would of liked too after it was all over but that is a habit I don't think I'll ever be able to break) and without being completely thoughtless as I was pressed for time. I am much more efficient under pressure as otherwise I am amazing at procrastinating! Also, I have a habit of wanting to spend every single cent in my bank account on presents and since I am about to go on a 2 week holiday to Yamba, I had to make sure I left some cash for living and food etc.. My goal for the new year is to be able to budget. I am so happy that one of my presents from my family was this super cute diary from Typo. I shall endeavour to use it every day to stay organised and on top of things! I am always getting into things like exercise for a few months at a time, then completely the opposite for a few months… I am like a roller coaster and next year I plan to start something and stick to it throughout the year. Like exercising 3 times a weeks all year, instead of every day for a few months, then not at all. Anyway, getting side-tracked (another habit of mine!) So another New Year resolution is to post more. I'd like to make an effort to post more about my life, interests, outfits and more. I am looking into jewellery courses as I want to start a label and plan to share my growth as a jeweller with my followers :) Hopefully one day I will have my own successful label and everyone reading my blog will be the first to find out information on it. Very excited!! So 2013 is all about getting fit, being healthy, happy, organised and to SAVE, SAVE and SAVE!! Oh, and to quit smoking.. I really want to but have so far found that one hard. Anyway, all I can do is try…. So to all of you out there reading this I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you all have a happy NEW YEAR. May we all have good luck and health in the new year :) Also looking forward to my role as an LMFF devotee for the festival in March. I can't wait to be amongst it all and share photos and information with you all! Both my sisters Alice McCall and Bird (Bridget and Nick) from Life with Bird are apart of the festival as well so it will be great to support them! So better get to bed now.. nearly 2am and I have to work tomorrow… eeeeeek! Love to you all xxxx (PS I included a photo of my new diary cause it's a goodie and I recommend getting one if you are on the hunt for one for 2013.. The colour in the photo doesn't do it justice.. it's much more nicer in real life… Just sayin ;)….) Fenji xxx


Lady in Red.

So I've come to the decision that every girl should own a red dress, or at least a dress with splashes of red in it. It really is amazing how red can look so good on so many different skin tones. I've seen girls with the palest skin wear it in a dress beautifully, while it looks stunning on darker skin tones as well. I've picked a few dresses from my favourite labels to share with you all below. Just to clear up - I'm not colour blind, there are a few pink dresses in there which I uploaded as they are too amazing not too (as well as dresses that aren't red, but have touches of red). The ones I've picked below are by Josh GootCamilla and Marc, WillowSass and BideAlice McCallLoverPreenMicheal Lo SordoAcne, Kirrily Johnston and Dion Lee. If I could, I would have one of each. Please xx (sorry about the quality- I couldn't touch up some of the images as I am not on my computer and I also didn't have the right sizes, but hopefully you get the picture ;).....)


LMFF official campaign launch.

So I am very excited to be announced as the first L'oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival's Devotee for 2013. There are going to be 6 devotee's in total and I am one!! I feel so lucky to be apart of the festival as both my sisters have always been involved. Year after year I love going to watch the fashion parades, and seeing all the amazing Australian designers creations on the runway. We honestly have such a talented and versitile mix down here. It's really nice to be able to go to the shows and see the clothes come to life on the runway, as you often don't get the whole picture looking at them on the shop floor. I'm already counting down the months until it all begins in March.  I attended the official campaign launch on Wednesday 5th of this month, which was lots of fun catching up with all the girls from AMPR, meeting the gorgeous Lisa from SEE WANT SHOP and Jess from What Would Karl Do, as well as the beautiful group from LMFF. The party was at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Sturt street Southbank, which is amazing! There was a DJ, a blue light room with a bar and a photo booth set up, and at the end of the night everyone was given a great lil goodie bag filled with L'oréal product :) Here are some photo's below to share with you lovelies xx


Porcelain dress, Babooshka collection.

This beautiful dress is called the Porcelain dress and retails for $329. Designed by my sister Alice McCall (link to the e-boutique), it's a new fave of mine from the Babooshka collection. Loving the colours and the peplum design for a bit of fun. I think I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this piece. I've worn it back with my pink Alice McCall boots and jewellery from Husk (Lyie Van Rycke and Sassari), YSL, Colette in paris, House of Harlow, The Great Frog in London and more!! I keep adding to my personal jewellery collection and finding pieces that I want to wear everyday. Pretty soon I'm going to run out of room…. Until then xx


Terry and Cara D.

Probably my fave model of the moment. Not just because of her unbelievable beauty, but because of her cheeky personality that you see in so many photos of her. From dressing up in an animal onesie for the plane trip from the UK to the US for the Victorias Secret show, to these photos below by and with Terry Richardson. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with :) xx

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