Martalicious of 'Life of Boheme'

I first met Marta back in the days of Myspace. By chance we found each others pages and since that day, years and years ago, we stayed in touch. She worked for my sister Alice McCall in her Paris fashion week show, and also met my other sister Bridget designer of Life with Bird. Then I was finally able to meet my 'internet buddy' (so to speak), when she visited Australia. However, we unfortunately didn't get much time to hang out. I knew that couldn't be the end of our friendship, so in 2011 I flew to Paris with my fiancé Sam, and we stayed with Marta and her man Pierre-Marie Maulini in their Parisian apartment in the heart of Paris. They showed us round to all the local spots (as well as some tourist destinations that you just can't miss) and also took us into the heart of Paris which is not a tourist destination, but the true Parisian markets and secret spots that only the locals know about. Her blog, which I mentioned in a earlier post Life of Boheme is one of those ones where you are just waiting for her next post as she is so talented and inspirational. Anyway, Marta- I love you and can't wait till our next encounter! I can only wish to emulate the natural style and coolness you have, as you are not only beautiful on the inside, but truly gorgeous and lovely on the outside as well!! These photos I have below are from Marta's personal collection ( I'm hoping you don't mind me using them Marta!?) and are just some of the hundreds of faves I have of this beauty :)….  The tenth photo down is one of Marta and myself in Paris from when I visited her. Excuse what I'm wearing. Don't think I was thinking when I put that outfit together! Anyway, don't really care about the way I look cause I'm hanging in Paris with Marta!! So I hope you guys enjoy the pics and be sure to check out her blog! xxx

Isabel Marant

In 1994, Isabel Marant (born in 1967) founded her label, named after herself. She has 10 shops worldwide in the cities of Tokyo, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Madrid, Bejing and more. She is also stocked in more than 35 countries world wide. Hailing from the beautiful city of Paris, she is commonly known as 'the French girl with the just-rolled-out-of-bed, can't-be-bothered look', yet she always looks amazing and women around the world want to look just like her. Along with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Rachel Weisz. My beautiful French friend Marta of Life of Boheme actually works at Le Bon Maché in the Isabel Marant section of the well known department store. Marta is known around the world from her blog as she has that same style and certain "thing" about her that makes her style so unique and eye-catching. I definitely recommend checking out her blog, 'Life of Boheme.' Anyway, Marant blends her bohemia style with her tomboy street chic effortlessly and I am in love with her 'Pre-collection Spring Summer 2013' designs, in the photos I've shared with you below. I have just picked my favourite of the bunch but click HERE to see some more of the collection. A lot of her fashion is quite expensive making each item special and I intend to save up to buy a few of her pieces! They are well worth it! Anyway, the first photo below is of Marant herself, and was taken by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin which was published in Vanity Fair, January 2011.

I believe it was the high-top wedge sneakers that made fashion headlines worldwide with photographs of Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Gisele Budchen, Petra Ecclestone and Rihanna all wearing the 'must-have' item of the season, making Marants 
household name to those who had never heard of the designer before and were a little late 
off the band wagon. 

Anyway, from now on I know that Marants label will only of from strength to strength as 
women and girls across the world want to be just like her. A definite cool cat and one to 
always keep an eye out for! 


Photos of LMFF castings by Anthony Licuria.

I was able to get my hands on some of Anthony Licuria's photographs from the castings held on Tuesday which I had to share with you guys as they are amazing! I also wanted to share a comment on the castings made by Graeme Lewsey, the CEO of L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival;
"In keeping with the Festival's desire to present world class runways for everyone to enjoy, we are casting models from Australia's most reputable agencies and feel that their passion to present and manage healthy, diverse models will come true on our runways. There's a tremendous buzz about the Festival this year and we understand many are heading straight back from the European runways to hit the LMFF runways and join some fantastic new and emerging home grown model talent." 

LMFF Castings part 2.

Here are a few more photos from behind the scenes of the LMFF castings. Paris who I talked about in the first post is in the fourth photo down. She's only about 16 I think as well so she has a long career ahead of her. Then there is Laura Wood from Chadwick Model agency, and she was another girl that I thought was very beautiful and is in the eighth photo below. I wish good luck to all those that tried out for the festival and am counting down the weeks till it is here on March 18th!! Hope you enjoy the pics xx

LMFF Castings part 1.

So on Tuesday 29th January, the castings for LMFF took place at the Malvern town hall. Can I just say, the Town Hall is such an incredible building! It's huge and the architecture is beautiful. Anyway, with hundreds of hopeful models, both girls and boys, there will only be  approximately 60 that will be chosen to walk in the festival. In order to make the cut, the models had to walk in front of a panel who decide which models have what it takes to represent the festival and all the amazing Australian designers involved. It can be a very daunting process for the young models who are just starting out. Having to walk in a massive room filled with people staring, photographing and filming you, while you are also being judged on both your look and walk. I felt very lucky to be on the other side, photographing and admiring the girls and boys. If they had potential, after walking for the first panel, they were then asked to walk again solo so they could be filmed (as oppose to the groups of 3), then photographed and there height measured. After this process the panel will decide on the girls and boys that will be chosen to walk in L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion festival in March. Unfortunately not every model makes the cut and for each one that got asked through to the second half of the casting, about 10 did not. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the casting and took some photos to share with you all. To be surrounded by so many beautiful, young hopefuls, you feel a little bad that so many don't make the cut. But that's the modelling world for you. Hannah M from Giant and Paris Roberts from London Managemnt, are two in particular that stood out to me. Hannah is in the last photo and I will include a photo of Paris in my next post. I really do hope they both make the cut as they were gorgeous and so sweet. Although Paris is quite short in terms of being a catwalk model, she has a certain presence about her that you can't take your eyes off. Then Hannah M is just beautiful. Looking forward to the festival in March to see which models made it! I'm sure I won't be disappointed as the talent that cast for the Festival was amoung the best in Australia. Anyway, I also managed to meet the amazing Monty Coles whose photographs are incredible. He was so lovely and I look forward to seeing more of his work. Hope you enjoy some of the 'behind the scenes' pic's to get an idea of how it all goes on :) xx

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