Interview with Nadia Coppolino from Chronicles of Nadia for MBFWA

          Sorry about the delay in posting!!! OMG… It's been to long.. Anyway- here is my interview with the amazing Nadia… God she is beautiful!! Plus she is so damn lovely, I am so happy she took the time to answer my questions.. What a sweetheart!! So here it is :) xxx

Definitely go and check out her blog Chronicles of Nadia… And prepare to get hooked! 
I've included some photos of her outfits from MBAFW. Yes she looks fabulous! Want the Nadia look- here are the details of her outfits;
Photo 1: Top American Apparel, Pants Mossman, Bag Chloe, Necklace Vintage
Photo 2: Jacket Zara, Shorts Witchery, Bag Celine
Photo 3: Dress Camilla & Marc, Bag Witchery, Shoes Nicholas
Photo 4: Same as above.
Photo 5: Top Celeste Tesoriero, Skirt Mossman, Bag Celine

Interview with Nadia:

What was your highlight from MBFWA 2013? 

There were quite a few (is this real?!) moments!  It was so exciting to be around such a buzzing atmosphere. To be surrounded by the best in the business from magazine editors (my style icon Christine Centenera roaming around-hard to breathe in her presence), to the best Australian and international bloggers and celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Lara Bingle. Everyone in such a small space was too much too handle!! Meeting the gorgeous Nicole Warne from the renowned blog Gary Pepper Vintage (and finding out she was so lovely), as well as getting snapped by the talented street photographer Lee Oliveira. 

B)  Is there one particular designer, or maybe a few in particular that stood out to you?
There were a few designers that stood out. I found Manning Cartell’s collection 'Fate & Change' really exciting! It had a strong futuristic and minimal feel as lots of harder fabrics were used. Almost in contrast their white story was amazing and had more of a romantic feel as sheer fabrics and this beautiful lace & netting fabric were used.
 By Johnny was another label that really impressed! He is an up and coming designer as he only debuted at MSFWA last year. He used block colours and amazing paneling to sculpt the body. He had the whole crowd standing, clapping and cheering once his collection finished.
 Camilla & Marc is back in the game, I really enjoyed their collection. They also celebrated their 10th year in the fashion business (which is quite a long time to be on top of the game) It was a really sleek, wearable collection with great structure that we have become accustomed too and love from C&M. They also provided a modern twist with pops of orange and paisley. 
 I have to mention Dion Lee he delivered another phenomenal collection. Last but not least Sydney label Aje- great sequin-separate pieces and woven fabrics that really sculptured the models bodies.

C) Were there any trends you noticed coming through from the Spring Sunner 13-14 collections in terms of colours, fits or maybe patterns/prints?
 Yes I noticed some strong trends. Monochrome, this looks like its carrying though to another season. Sheer paneling, cut outs, razorbacks, geometric prints, metallic fabrics and crop tops. Crops were everywhere, which is scary to think as my stomach is not in the right condition to be on show.
  D) What show did you find the most entertaining and amazing? 
 This is easy; it was definitely Toni Maticevski's sophisticated show! It was the one show that I honestly felt transported, it was much more then viewing a collection. It had a high-end couture feel and I instantly thought of Dior. The music was haunting and emotional (in an amazing way) as it started with a Piano that transited into French monologue as the models walked out. The clothes were also in a league of their own, Neoprene was draped to perfection as the pieces looked like sculptural pieces of art walking down the runway.
 E) Are there any MUST-HAVE items that stood out to you from any of the designers collections?
 Yes, there were so many items that I wanted but I like to pick items that I can get a lot of wear out of too!
 On my hit list is this gorgeous buttery khaki leather jacket from Manning Cartell, they have used the same fabric to make these awesome leather panelled pants. I love the colour and think I could get so much wear out of them.
 Bec & Bridge also had some great pieces, they had this sleek black cut out/mesh dress with an amazing razor back, it would be great for the Polo and summer days.
 I’m a sucker for Dion Lee and this collection is no different. I need his deep royal blue structured blazer that includes black piping down the front and also his tailored white top that is angled on the neckline from the chest to wrap around the neck


Interview with Tessa-Jay from blog CIRCA NOW on MBFWA 2013

As I didn't make it up to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney this year, I thought I would interview some creative and talented fashion peeps about their time there. Firstly I asked the beautiful Tessa-Jay from blog CIRCA NOW. Being one of the very first Aussie bloggers, starting back in 2008, she has great insight into the fashion industry and super cute/cool style to match. I had to share some photos with you below of some of her outfits worn at Fashion Week! 

In outfit one, described as Tessa's favourite from the week, she is wearing print on print- a definite trend we are starting to see more of. Not only this, but ANIMAL PRINT! So good! At first it may seem quite full on to be wearing the same print twice in one outfit- like denim on denim- however, the right kind of girl can pull it off! And yes- Tessel definitely pulls this off.  I've chosen to show you a few photos of the outfit- as it is such a winner! (All the photos taken below in this outfit have been sourced through Circa Now).

Both the top and pants Tessel is wearing in the first four photos are available from Grace Boutique. Then she is wearing shoes from Tony Bianco, which I must say have some amazing shoes at the moment and for such good prices!! Her bag is Dylan Kain who I absolutely love!! I could easily buy a fair few bags from their latest collection! Last, but certainly not least, her jacket is Thurley, who make the most beautiful, desirable clothing! If you haven't already- click through to their website to see some of their stunning collections. After this Tessa is wearing a stripe dress, bought from Topshop (link to their page in the UK), with a Ksubi tee over the top and boots by Acne - so hot!! Want and need in my life… Then she's also wearing a Dylan Kain bag to complete the look. Love it!! Such a cool cat :)! In the third outfit (standing with Jess from Tuula Vintage), Tessa has a blue Witchery dress on, RMK shoes and a Dylan Kain bag. Loving the dress- such a cute style and perfect in the blue I think! Then in the last pic she's with Liz from Street Smith who looks amazingggg in Willow

Anyway, heres the inty and enjoy the gorgeous pics all supplied by Tessa and from CIRCA NOW

Interview with Tessa on MBFWA 2013:
A) What was your highlight from MBFWA 2013?
The overall experience, meeting new people and getting dressed up!
B)  Is there one particular designer, or maybe a few in particular that stood out to you?
Love By Johnny, Manning Cartel, Ginger & Smart, MaidenLove, RWB, Christopher Esber & Ellery! I unfortunately missed the Alice McCall show - it looked amazing!!
C) Were there any trends you noticed coming through from the Spring Summer 13-14 collections in terms of colours, fits or maybe patterns/prints?
Pastels, cut out and sheer, crop tops, matching sets, metallic
D) What show did you find the most entertaining and amazing?
Romance was Born was AMAZING!! It was like a production and all the colours, lights, glitter and designers was mind blowing 
E) Are there any MUST-HAVE items that stood out to you from any of the designers collections?
By Johnny - every dress!! And MaidenLove's metallic bikinis


MBFWA 2013: designer Alice McCall

Well, I am not being biased, but my sisters label is truly one of my favourite Australian Designers. I am so sad I couldn't make it up to Sydney to attend Fashion Week and my sisters show… I'll have to organise next year in advance as it just snuck up on me!! Anyway, Alice McCall's latest collection embodied grace and was feminine with that little bit of edge that she always manages to get just right. There was lots of oversized shapes to be seen in the collection which was inspired by 'under-the-sea,' which had a lot to do with the turquoise-blue eyelashes and hair that made the models look like they had just stepped out of the water, on to the runway I guess! Makes sense in the fashion world :) Anyway, Al used navy and white together which has been partnered together in past collections of hers and I think always looks great together, along with creams, whites and oranges which were truly beautiful. There were hints of metallics, lots of sheer fabrics and exposed midriffs, which have been a trend throughout lots of the designers collections this season. The digital prints made a come back and worked perfectly against pretty and playful designs and I think once again- my order will be HUGE!! I'm dying over the matching blazer and pants in the sixth photo down.. Simply dying, I tell you! The first outfit is cute- not me, but very cute! Then I don't know if the second one is a dress or top and skirt but the top of it and shoulders are seriously amazing! It's like a spider web that was made in the sea- well that's my thoughts on it anyway! Love the floaty look in the third pic. Easy, breezy, beautiful Alice McCall girl ;). I really want the dress in the fourth photo. So sleek and sexy. Love the print and the way it's synched in at the waist- very flattering! Then you have my fave- the matching blazer pants combo. I will own this. I just know it! The sheer maxi in the sixth photo is stunning and I love the soft material and draping peplum style to the waist. Very gorgeous. Pretty sure its a beaded playsuit after that which I think is amazing.. As I've said before- long sleeve with a lotta leg showing- always a good look! I love how it's not figure hugging and just loose and easy. I have a really strong feeling that the jumper and skirt after that will also make an appearance in this wardrobe of mine… OMG I loveeeee the skirt. So cool.. I've honestly only in the last sixth months decided I like skirts and now own a couple..Never thought I'd be a skirt kinda girl, but things change and I'm happy for it. The jumper is super cute too and that look is big at the moment! Ruby looks beautiful in the oversized vest and digital print T style dress.. Love the colour palette and the style. Then the outfit after that with the french navy pants and puffed sleeved blouse is really not my style, but in my mind- very sexy and cool on the right kind of girl. The next dress is almost a staple Alice dress- a signature look that is instantly recognisable as Alice McCall. Very cool, cute, flirty and fun. Loving the white maxi underneath with all the detailing and cut outs.. Around the waist too- very clever as it gives you that hourglass figure and elongates your legs, which most girls love!? I'm pretty sure I need to own the grey marle printed Tee dress with the orange. Love. Easy and cool. Then again- not me, but love the white and orange printed top and skirt in the look under this. The print reminds me of so many different things, but the word that comes to mind is 'Volcanic.' The silhouette of the silver grey and black top and skirt look after that is amazing. Very powerful and sexy. Something I don't think I'd ever be confident enough to wear- but if you were Christina Centenera- you'd pull it off in a second! I think the dress Julia Nobis is wearing underneath this is really cool and easy, with that amazing print! Then I am totally in love with the next dress. The style- the print- everything! Such a winner and super, dooper hot! Ruby Jean pulls off the puffed cream shoulder top and high waisted mini shorts like they were made for her- and making me want to wear them, but it just wouldn't look the same! Then I have no idea how the dress below her is holding up!?? You obviously need to have no boobs to wear this one.. Crazy- Can't wait to see it in the flesh! Then I guess to cut to the chase and wrap it up- I WANT ALL THREE LOOKS in the last 3 photos.. hint hint- Birthday coming up fam! But then again- these clothes don't hit the shop floor for a few months, so I guess we'll just have to save up instead. Obsessed with the white crop top and shorts, love the white pleated dress, then dying over the top and shorts in the last pic. Congrats Al- you never cease to amaze me and I'm so proud you are ma sis!!!! Love ya xxx (Photo's taken from Style Hunter)


MBFWA 2013: designer Emma Mulholland

So I first came across Emma Mulholland from the beautiful Liz from Street Smith when we did a 'street style' shot together and I wore an 'Emma Mulholland' top with some Romance was Born shorts. This look got a lot of comments as it was quirky and cool- just like her collections. I feel like she actually reminds me a bit of Romance was Born, however there are a lot of differences and they are both very unique and individual. Emma MulHolland has a feeling of vintage eighties, meets futuristic quirky cool. I love the styling with the hair and make up in this show. It makes for good entertainment and it's always interesting when things are a bit different to usual. Her pieces make a statement, yet I feel like you could wear one item and dress it down with a more basic piece so it's a bit more wearable to those who don't want to stand out, as her designs really do 'Stand Out'! I love it though and would totally rock a lot of her pieces. Hows the hair in the first shot!? It looks like there are spray-painted sunglasses on the bright orange fringe. Different ay!? I would love to own the dress in the second shot and think the bracelets are super cool as well. I mostly love the mix of colours used, the sleeve on the dress and the texture using sequins! Cuteness to bootness! The orange top in the third photo down is not my style however I can totally see the right chick rocking that.. But I do love the 'what looks to be a' skirt underneath the top. The print is epic! Absolutely love the sheer white dress with sequinned whale in the fourth photo. The models blue hair completely compliments the white and black as well. The jewellery is quite out there, but thats her signature look and the way she pulls it off all together somehow works- which is not something a lot of labels can do. I would love both the top and skirt in the fifth photo down that Julia Nobis is wearing. And how she makes me want that hair is just ridiculous- cause that's what it would look like on me!! But wow- she looks amazing! I am liking the soft neon colours of the palm tree's against the background of black in the tea. Striking in an understated way. Then there is the first image that I put up of her mens collection. Love the jacket he is wearing and love the print. I would totally wear that jacket on top of a cute plain fitted mini dress… like a neoprene baby blue tight fitted mini… Or even a white neoprene dress… But hey- I probs wouldn't take the jacket off a) because I love it and b) because I would be bloody self conscious in a tight fitted mini neoprene!! Rachel Rutt in the eighth photo down could possibly be my fave I think!! I am obsessed with printed pants- as I have said time and time again, in posts in the past. I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough… Yep, I did mean to write that twice ;) And hows the top! An almost bright blue animal print, mixed with black mesh, mixed with orange triangle detailing cuffed sleeves… love it! I don't really know if that was the right description of that top, but it's the only way I can think of how to describe it right now.. Getting late you know!?
OMG- so I don't know what just happened to this post but I had written about all the other outfits under this one I just talked about and posted it- then I went to view it on my blog and all this weird 'coding' appeared on my page, just under what I had written above and all my writing below was gone…. So bloody annoying! But what can you do!??? So back I go to where I lost it all from.
Anyway, so I think what I had said was that we are seeing a lot of orange and blue for next Spring Summer 2013-2014. Like we did in Camilla and Marc- the two colours work really well together! After that I had mentioned the two boys outfits below and how super unique and cool they are.. Love the bomber jacket with the print, and I am digging the guys red hair against the clothing as well in the other outfit.. Looks awesome! Then you have the bikini, which I'm not sure is waterproof but I wanted to share it with you cause I love the style of it and the colours and the girls bod is pretty damn hot! So I have to say- totally love the last 2 outfits! The dress is a winner cause I love that print. It reminds me of those blackboards you had when you were younger with all the multi colours underneath- then you had those pens that you would use to scratch out the black and write messages or draw pictures to make all the colours underneath appear… How cool were those!? I want one again! The jumper in the last shot is wicked. Printed jumpers are so in right now- I think Kenzo really took them mainstream again. This one is fun and I wouldn't mind owning it!! Cute skirt too hey! Anyway, hopefully when I click 'update' I don't loose all my writing again to some weird code appearing all over my bloggy-woggy. xx

MBFWA 2013: designer Camilla and Marc

For years and years one of my favourite designer couple duos (be it brother and sister, not husband and wife) have been Camilla and Marc. I honestly first thought they were a couple, cause they look so different, but was swiftly told that no, they are not together, they are related! Anyway, what a beautiful collection they produced this season. Black, white, bronze, lace and colourful animal print. All the things that make me excited- in terms of fashion and design. I love the belts! With what looks to be a rose gold metal buckle, or also in black and silver. I love the second photo of the white dress on Cassie. The slit at the front is in just the right position to show off the best part of a woman's leg- when she walks. Oh so sexy. I also like how the dress is not fitted and sits off the body- yet is quite structured. It's very appealing and interesting. The bronze printed 'velvet-looking' pants and bodysuit are to die for! So good… The ideas of outfits I would pair either of those items with, going through my head are endless..    The lace fabric they have used in the collection is divine! Truly stunning.. I really want the long sleeve lace top seen in the last photo! Diggin the low slung purple printed pants in the sixth photo on my fave model Claire.. God she's hot and looks super cool in this outfit. After Claire, is Ollie who after LMFF dyed her hair from peroxide blonde- something she was known quite well known for, to dark brown. She's definitely a chameleon, looking good with any colour hair! Wish i could say the same for myself! I tried going dark brown once and it did not look good at all!! Anyway, back to Camilla and Marc and that lace top she's wearing. How friggin how is it!?? She has no bra on and looks so sophisticated and elegant which is not something you would usually say about a girl with a lace top and no bra. Then after this look I love the bronze bodice playsuit with high waisted belt and sheer skirt. HOT! The necklace also works perfectly as an accessory for the look. Then we have the purple and orange leopard print. AMAZING…. I love orange and I love animal print… The purple is a surprisingly good contrast and works really well back with the print. Theres a few different styles in this print but I particularly like the skirt and the way its styled back with a plain bright yellow silk blouse is perfect. Bright, bold and fun, without being too much. The light grey-blue and black print dress is super cute! The print almost looks like little branches or something. I love the style of dress and I  can see so this being one of their best sellers amongst the younger C & M fans. I in fact would love to own this… Very cute! The black and white dress next, isn't my style at all, but it is so beautiful and I love the way you can see the white lining under the fluted twist skirt. Very classic and stylish. Then you have Rachel Rutt in the white pants and crop top (that every girl needs in her wardrobe!). I love the contrast of the black belt, the shape of the white crop top and the fit of these pants- although it is slightly hard to tell in the photos. Last there is my favourite top!! That lace fitted long sleeve, high neck style is oh so beautiful. Oh la laaaaa.. The skirt- not such a fan of. but hey- that's just me!! Anyway, to see more of the photos click HERE. Enjoy xx

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