Nespresso Challenge 'Project Upcycle.'

So many of my family and friends now have Nespresso machines, ordering the many types of coffee that are offered in the boxes filled with beautiful capsules in a variety of colours. I have to say not only does it all look great and is super easy to use, but of course coming from Melbourne and being part of the coffee culture, it also tastes AMAZING. Which is vital! Anyway moving right along, 'Project Upcylce' as you must be wondering, is a new initiative involving six environmental artists and designers, challenging them to create original artworks made completely from sustainable materials, including thousands of Nespresso coffee capsules. Chosen from around Australia, Nespresso commissioned the ambassadors to create their own upcycled artwork over a 14 day period, then donate their work to their chosen charity. I always love this sort of project as I feel everyone comes out winning and it's amazing and inspiring to see the creations people can come up with. Before the artworks are donated to their charities, exhibitions will be shown in each states Nespresso boutiques later this month. 
One of the most important messages Nespresso intends to spread, is the recycling of their coffee capsules, and I can't think of a better way then to use the recycled goods to create art! However, as we aren't all artists and don't necessarily have the time to use our old coffee capsules to make projects, we can at least take the time to recycle them. Nespresso boutiques around Australia offer recycling points, so its worth your while saving them all up and on your next trip down to a store, recycling any old capsules in return for some well-earnt points! 

For more information on the project go to www.projectupcycle.com.au or visit the Nespresso Facebook page. Also, to find recycling collection locations, contact Nespresso Club or visit HERE.

  • NSW: John Dahlsen- Environmental artist.
  • VIC: Ellie Mucke- Sustainable fashion designer.
  • ACT: Alice Sutton- Sustainable fashion designer.
  • QLD: Holloway Eyewear- Eyewear designers.
  • SA: Katrina Freene- Eco-jeweller.
  • WA: Sean E Avery- Environmental Sculptor.
To have a good read over the six ambassadors click HERE.

I am truly blown away by what each artist produced and can't wait to go and visit the exhibition when it's in Melbourne! Make sure you keep checking back to the 'Project Upcycle' website to find out when you can go and view these amazing pieces in the flesh and also check out some behind the scenes photographs of how the six ambassadors made their works of art below. In order of photographs below, the ambassadors are;
1. Alice Sutton
2. Ellie Mucke
3. Holloway Eyewear
4. John Dahlsen
5. Katrina Freene
6. Sean E Avery. 



So below I am sharing the breakdown of each 'story' in the collection, that Susannah was
kind enough to send to me. I'm sure you will fall in love with it all just as much as I have.
Can't wait to order some pieces ASAP! :) xx

ISADORA: "the gift of Isis"
The vibrant colours and gypsy charm of the Marrakech night market
inspires the Isadora collection, named after Isis, the goddess of magic
 and life, who remains a famous image of female empowerment and
 femininity. These solid sterling silver and 18k gold plate rings, cuffs
and earrings have been hand pierced and filled with rich coloured resin,
 designed in geometric patterns to resemble Moroccan mosaic work.

ALEXA: "defender of mankind"
The Alexa collection is strongly influenced by the ancient Greco-Roman era and mythological objects of war, worn to defend mankind. The gold and silver leaf motif cuff is inspired by the leaves of the olive tree; an ancient emblem of the city of Athens. The gold and silver swirl motif cuff, a Minoan symbol synonymous with the Labyrinth in Greek Mythology, can be worn both on the wrist and upper arm. The Alexa cuff design is a modern version of ancient Greco-Roman filigree. The sandblast finish on the Alexa rings gives them a lush creamy texture and a distinctive look synonamous with Greco-Roman jewellery. Each piece is made from solid sterling silver and 18k gold plate.

AURELIA: "the golden one"
Aurelia, the golden one, is a collection of individually hammered sterling silver and sterling silver 18k gold plated bangles, cuffs, earrings and rings. Each piece is hand-hammered, creating a unique pattern and texture, reminiscent of a distinct Middle-Eastern aesthetic. This ancient form of artisan craftsmanship is at the heart of this collection.

SAMARA: "soft precious light"
Originating from the same gemstone family, sapphires and rubies are two highly prized gems that emanate soft precious light. Fairley's Samara collection draws influence from its love of these beautiful stones. Fairley has combined handpicked Indian faceted rubies and sapphires with solid sterling silver and 18k matte gold plate to create rings, bracelets and necklaces. Each piece has been handcrafted to give it a Middle-Eastern aesthetic. This collection in particular shows Fairley's desire to create contemporary designs using ancient artisan techniques.
SERAPHINA: "the fiery one"
Much like the precious gemstones that travelled along the Silk Road from Persia, the Indus Valley and the Far East, Fairley travelled throughout India and Turkey in search of fiery, vibrant gemstones that would perfectly fit the Seraphina collection of rings and earrings. Inspired by Jaipur's colourful bazaars and spice markets, Fairley carefully hand selected green amethyst, Brazilan amethyst, kyanite, smoky quartz and citrine for this collection and combined these stunning gemstones with solid sterling silver and 18k gold plate to create a rich two-tone effect.


"Jewellery is not something to wear just because it matches a outfit, but because it has a narrative.. a story that can spark a conversation," (Susannah Fairley).
It is this very quote above that speaks so truly of Susannahs collection and label 'Fairley'. We met up last week to catch up on some long lost years, and to find out more about what each other had been up too. I have to say, the whole time we were pretty much talking about her jewellery and designs, because I am in love! They are truly beautiful, wearable and timeless. Having launched in 2013, she has come a tremendously long way and I am super impressed! 
I begged her to send me more information so I could share with you guys as not only are her pieces beautiful, but it is always so interesting to find out more about designers, where they get there inspiration and how they start out in this very competitive industry. So here is what I found out.
Aussie born, Susannah Fairley has always loved accessories and jewellery. Collecting bits and bobs from the age of sixteen, she would then design and create jewellery that she would sell to local boutiques and markets. After gaining greater knowledge from a business marketing degree, Fairley became an accessories buyer for a major Australian chain for six seasons, which finally lead to her launching her own label. She has said that 'style is always fashion,' and focuses on the fact that her collections are not trend driven, but classic pieces that tell a storey and are therefore timeless.
The debut collection draws on influences from Fairley's extensive world travels, taking inspiration from Morocco, the Marrakech night markets, Delhi, Jerusalem, India and the list goes on. 
She is extremely passionate about quality and details, hand-picking each gemstone for its individual beauty from places such as Turkey, Brazil and India. Particular pieces such as the Aurelia bangles, earrings and rings are individually hand-hammered to give the pieces authentic Middle-eastern aesthetic, while the Alexa rings have a matte brushed metal finish to give a lush, creamy texture. 
Each unique piece in the Fairley collection tells a story and is a direct reflection of the designers vivacious personality, timeless design sense, ability to reinterpret classics and love of history, beauty and exotic locales. Below are some Campaign shots from her debut collection.
If you could like to contact Susannah, her email is as follows susannah@lovefairley.com
Also, to see more, head to her website HERE


Fenji and Street Smith playing round

So it has been a little while since I've posted any outfits, or looks I've done with Street Smith! I love her photos and they always make me feel good when I look at them! Most likely cause Liz, the creative behind the amazing website and photography blog, is so damn talented!! These shots were taken at the beginning of winter, when the sun still had a litttttttle bit of warmth to it. Not much though!! I'm wearing one of my favourite Alice McCall dresses from her collection, 'The Imaginarium of Kitty Leroy - Autumn / Winter 2013.' The dress is known as the 'Mis-Cue Dress' and it's a beautiful printed silk. Originally $320, it's now on sale for $230.30 and is available to purchase online HERE. Love a good bargain!! I'm also wearing one of my many 'go-to' black blazers (you can never have to many!), this one is by Dion Lee and is such a staple of mine. Then I have LIFEwithBIRD wedges on that I picked up at the sale for $70!! so comfy and such a bargain!! And lastly my Assad Mounser bracelet/necklace with my staple sterling silver rings. Probably a bit to cold to be wearing dresses now- but only a couple of months till summer again! xx :) xxx


Assad Mounser AW13

Jewellery is definitely my weak spot. I can't get enough. EVER! My fave designer Amanda Assad Mounser of Assad Mounser has kindly sent me her inspiration shots and photos of her Fall collection which I just have to share :). She is so talented and very original, differing from so many other designers out there. Bright, interesting and fun! Looking at her inspiration shots you get an understanding of how it all begins and where the ideas for the pieces come from. To have a signature look, but to always be coming up with different designs is not easy- so I am very inspired by Amanda and all her creations. My sis gave me a necklace (which can also be worn as a double wrap around bracelet- very cool) of hers for my b'day which I love, and she also stock's her designs in her shops at LIFEwithBIRD. Not only that, but Assad Mounser is also stocked at HUSK where I work- so I am never short of pieces to look at and admire. I've chosen a selection of my favourites from AW13 to share with you.. I hope you love and head to her website HERE to see more! :) xxx

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