LIFEwithBIRD Warehouse SALE!!!

Well it's that time of year again... SALE TIME!! Gotta love a good bargain. Each time my sister Bird (of LIFEwithBIRD- did I need to write that or was that just silly cause it's obvious!?) has a warehouse sale, I always put my hand up to work for that little bit of extra cash. Yet every time I work, I walk away with no cash in my wallet- just a hell of a lot of amazing bargains I end up buying instead! It's always the same, every time. There's a few of us that have all worked together over the last few sales and they always hear me say 'This time I'm not buying anything!' But I just can't help it.. When your surrounded by beautiful clothing for a really cheap price- it's just to hard to say no! So I have already worked a couple of days and made no money, I've just added to my wardrobe. Sorry mum. She is always telling me to stop spending all my money and start saving. Anyway if you are in Melbourne I highly recommend popping your head in to the sale as you are bound to find something! All details are below- maybe I'll see you there as I still have a couple more shifts- and I'm still planning on taking home a little bit of money- wish me luck, cause I definitely need it!! 

The 'Click for Info' on the image takes you HERE. There is up to 90% off which is just amazing and the stock is Past season, samples, shoes and accessories. You still have 6 days to make it down there so don't stress if you haven't made it yet as there is plenty of great pieces to get snapped up!!! The opening hours are as follows for the next 6 days;

Mon 13th-Thurs 16th 10-6pm
Fri 17th 10-8pm
Sat 18th 10-6pm
Sun 19th 11-5pm
Mon 20th 9-12pm 

And just incase you are wondering Cash and Card are accepted! Don't miss out :) xxx

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