Cara Delevinge for Blumarine F/W 12.

There's something about Cara. She reminds me off Kate Moss. They've both got 'it'. I don't really know what 'it' is but I just know she's got it. This is some of her latest work with Blumarine. Amazing!! I love this campaign and just wish I had something to go to so I could wear the first and last dresses (only problem I then face is being able to afford it! Oh well, a girl can only dream!). It's a bit futuristic, a bit under the sea. She looks like an alien mermaid in my eyes. Loving the silver, blue and pearl colours and I'm always a sucker for a mini dress with long sleeves. Something very sexy about this look! Enjoy xx

Green with envy yet? Spring Summer 12.


1. Camilla and Marc Secret Garden Revival dress $680
2. Acne Mallory Noise dress $530
3. Camilla and Marc Eden dress $590
4. T by Alexander Wang Sleeveless Neoprene Dress $325
5. Camilla and Marc Saturation dress $620
6. Camilla and Marc Fairytale dress $490
7. Camilla and Marc courtship dress $450
8. Alexander Wang Stretch Viscose capped sleeve dress $575

If you haven't heard of Green with Envy yet then you have been missing out! Starting over 10 years ago the Melbourne based couple Irene and Chris Nicholas began with one store on Bridge rd in Richmond. Today they have 3 stores (Bridge rd, Finders lane and Chapel st) and also an online store and website. I managed the third store for around a year on Chapel st in South Yarra. Let me tell you, I saved no money!! With constant deliveries of new clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories, you are bound to find something for yourself any day. The stores are open till 7pm on Thursday nights and 8pm on Fridays allowing working girls to come after hours in preparation for weekend events etc… Now with the online store open and in action you have no excuse to miss out!! I have just been on the website and had a sneaky look at the new arrivals. Here are some dresses from Camilla and Marc, Acne, Alexander Wang and T by Alexander Wang. Just another reason to start saving money! The Alexander Wang dresses are my favourite as I love a mini black dress and they are great to accessories with. I always love a basic dress with a statement piece of jewellery! Anyway go check out these and more at Green with Envy.


Splendour in the Grass. 27.07.2012 Byron Bay.

So it was my first year to Splendour in the Grass this year and it was amazing (hence no posting the last few days). I went with my besties Meg, Peri, Coco, and the boys. Although, it was Splendour in the mud! We got to the festival on Friday and just as we walked through the gates a freak hail storm stared! The first photo below is just a tiny look at the mud that was there. Anyway, I would highly recommend going next year if you haven't been! All the photos are from my instagram- currently trying to get the rest downloaded from my phone but it's not working!! Oh yeah- the Alpacca was soooo cute I can't cope with it's cute lil legs!!


I can see a raINBow!

I have always been a silver girl. Sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else there may be! But lately, I've been starting to get in to the brighter more colourful statement pieces. The kind of ones you can wear on their own with no other jewellery. I love the first necklace in the photos I've uploaded below, not only for the amazing colours but I'm also digging the gold. I recently was given my grandmas rose gold and gold vintage rings. I wore them with my white gold ring for a while cause I loved the look of the three worn together. I feel like the below necklace is not only a statement, but an everyday sort of necklace. I can imagine it worn with a plain white tee and high waisted black leather shorts. Even a coloured leather!? On the other hand I can also imagine it worn with a cute bright coloured evening dress. It would look amazing on a plain black dress too. Very versatile! I plan on going on a mission to find one and if I can't I'm determined to do my best at making one. Then also maybe adding a couple (or the opposite and adding heaps) of little charms or whatever. I also have a couple of photos of the amazing and beautiful (and pretty easy to make) friendship bracelets. I love these and can't wait to start making some again. Very cute! xx


Rings. Jewels. Bracelets.

One of the things on my bucket list to to make my own jewellery. I love the idea behind putting all my collections, ideas and inspirations into a jewellery line and sharing it with the world. Having my two sisters is a big inspiration for starting my own collection as they both have their own fashion labels Life with Bird and Alice McCall. I love Mania Mania, Pamela Love, Ksubi, Von Treskow, Dallas and Carlos, 2 by Lyn and Tony, Fiona Paxton, Venessa Arizaga, Tom Binns, Karen Libermann and many more. Some of the following are my faves that I have found on other blogs. Lots more to come and I hope you like!



I'm one of those girls that always checks out the girls walking past and not the boys. I love observing and taking it all in. People are so creative! Whenever I've been asked to describe my style I always find it difficult to reply. Depending on the day I can change from one extreme to another. Hopefully, after getting my shit together I'll have a few outfit posts up and you'll see just how much I tend to change it up! The below are some of the thousands that caught my attention. So I thought I'd share. Enjoy :) xx

1. Miranda Kerr.
2. Blogger.
3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
4. Kate Bosworth
5. Cant remember!?? opps!
6. Kate Bosworth
7. Anja Rubik (I think)
8. Name!?? Let me know if you can fill in the blanks! x

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