I can see a raINBow!

I have always been a silver girl. Sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else there may be! But lately, I've been starting to get in to the brighter more colourful statement pieces. The kind of ones you can wear on their own with no other jewellery. I love the first necklace in the photos I've uploaded below, not only for the amazing colours but I'm also digging the gold. I recently was given my grandmas rose gold and gold vintage rings. I wore them with my white gold ring for a while cause I loved the look of the three worn together. I feel like the below necklace is not only a statement, but an everyday sort of necklace. I can imagine it worn with a plain white tee and high waisted black leather shorts. Even a coloured leather!? On the other hand I can also imagine it worn with a cute bright coloured evening dress. It would look amazing on a plain black dress too. Very versatile! I plan on going on a mission to find one and if I can't I'm determined to do my best at making one. Then also maybe adding a couple (or the opposite and adding heaps) of little charms or whatever. I also have a couple of photos of the amazing and beautiful (and pretty easy to make) friendship bracelets. I love these and can't wait to start making some again. Very cute! xx

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