Things are getting Hairy.

So at the moment I've been seeing more and more colour in girls (and boys!) hair and I'm loving it! I can't wait to add some colour in my life! The biggest question I have to ask is….. which colour!??? I'm thinking blue and pink. But I'm loving purple and orange! Then Alexandra Spencer from blog 4th and Bleeker http://4thandbleekerblog.blogspot.com.au/ (shown in pic 2) has tempted me to turning green. I'm pretty sure I'll only dip the ends in. Half/ Half as in half blue on the left and half green on the right, or all over!??? Or maybe even heaps of different streaks!? Anyway, I'll show you the result after. Below are a set (the first of many) of some of the hair inspirations I'm loving, colour or plain, I just love hair (wish I was blessed with more!) shame….. Wish I knew how to construct the first style!

1. Fashion Week
2. Alexandra Spencer
3.We Heart it
4. Chloe Sevigny
5. Anja Rubik
6. Nadia Napreychikov
7. Nadia Napreychikov
8. Me! playing around
9. Harpers Bazaar
10. Romance was Born fashion week
11. We Heart it

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