I'm one of those girls that always checks out the girls walking past and not the boys. I love observing and taking it all in. People are so creative! Whenever I've been asked to describe my style I always find it difficult to reply. Depending on the day I can change from one extreme to another. Hopefully, after getting my shit together I'll have a few outfit posts up and you'll see just how much I tend to change it up! The below are some of the thousands that caught my attention. So I thought I'd share. Enjoy :) xx

1. Miranda Kerr.
2. Blogger.
3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
4. Kate Bosworth
5. Cant remember!?? opps!
6. Kate Bosworth
7. Anja Rubik (I think)
8. Name!?? Let me know if you can fill in the blanks! x

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