LMFF behind the scenes.

So I am so lucky to be apart of L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival this year. I have been chosen as a devotee along with a few others whom I will announce shortly. I met up with the others this week and we got to hang out and play with an exciting project which I will show you guys when it comes out! At the moment it is a little hush hush. Anyway, I feel very blessed to be apart of the festival this year and it's all thanks to the amazing team at AMPR who helped introduce me to the gorgeous LMFF team. So on Thursday 24th January, hair and make-up trials were underway for the festival which will run from March 18-24th. I managed to get my hands on some of Anthony Licuria's striking and beautiful behind the scenes photos which I am going to share with you below. Not only that, but I was able to get some information on what the hair and make-up trends for this years festival will be. Caterina Dibiase, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Hair Director, said this year "we are seeing very definite and over exaggerate parts as a trend. Other looks for the season include hair with soft and feminine texture." She mentioned that they will move away "from the crisp beach look" and that "vibrant reds, short soft cuts and flashes (or highlights) of strong colour in dark hair" will be a trend that we will see on the runway. Not only that, but "one of the runways at 2013 L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival will be dedicated to the colour red." WOW! I am already so excited to see it and I am having thoughts about dying my hair red. Thoughts? Seriously! I also found out from Rae Morris, L'Oréal Paris and LMFF Make-up Director, that "this year its all about opulent glamour- think beauty inspired by precious jewels. Beauty that indulges the senses and looks expensive!" I can already picture the stunning models looking like creatures from another planet. Absolutely beautiful creatures that is! Rae mentioned that "eyes are a big focus and we are seeing a lot of strong, statement looks." She tells us that "it is important to be bold. You can use 3 to 4 shades of colour with the main shade complimenting the colour of your eye," and also to "be sure to use your lighter shades first and work into the eye with the darker." With information like this we are the first to know what the trends for 2013 are in general. Both Rae and Caterina have been in the business for years and 'hair and make-up artists' around Australia look to them for guidance and knowledge on what looks will play a role in the Australian fashion scene each season. I will be sure to make note of this key info and who knows, next time you see me I may have splashes of red and bold, statement eye make-up to match :) Can't wait to see their work on the runway! Tickets for the festival are on sale now through Ticketek or you can call them on 1300 795 012. Can't wait to see you there and hope you guys enjoy the photos (courtesy of Anthony Licuria) xx

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