Martalicious of 'Life of Boheme'

I first met Marta back in the days of Myspace. By chance we found each others pages and since that day, years and years ago, we stayed in touch. She worked for my sister Alice McCall in her Paris fashion week show, and also met my other sister Bridget designer of Life with Bird. Then I was finally able to meet my 'internet buddy' (so to speak), when she visited Australia. However, we unfortunately didn't get much time to hang out. I knew that couldn't be the end of our friendship, so in 2011 I flew to Paris with my fiancĂ© Sam, and we stayed with Marta and her man Pierre-Marie Maulini in their Parisian apartment in the heart of Paris. They showed us round to all the local spots (as well as some tourist destinations that you just can't miss) and also took us into the heart of Paris which is not a tourist destination, but the true Parisian markets and secret spots that only the locals know about. Her blog, which I mentioned in a earlier post Life of Boheme is one of those ones where you are just waiting for her next post as she is so talented and inspirational. Anyway, Marta- I love you and can't wait till our next encounter! I can only wish to emulate the natural style and coolness you have, as you are not only beautiful on the inside, but truly gorgeous and lovely on the outside as well!! These photos I have below are from Marta's personal collection ( I'm hoping you don't mind me using them Marta!?) and are just some of the hundreds of faves I have of this beauty :)….  The tenth photo down is one of Marta and myself in Paris from when I visited her. Excuse what I'm wearing. Don't think I was thinking when I put that outfit together! Anyway, don't really care about the way I look cause I'm hanging in Paris with Marta!! So I hope you guys enjoy the pics and be sure to check out her blog! xxx

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MARTA said...

i LOVE you Fen ! its a big chance to have meet you and have you in my life <3

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