Tom Binns Design.

Tom Binns founded his jewellery business in 2004 with CEO Cristina Viera Newton. Before that, he collaborated with Vivienne Westwood designing a 'Punkature' collection in the 1980's. His inspiration comes from the early twentieth century Dada movement, rejecting standard beauty and using his creative mind to make even the most boring, useless objects seem wonderful. He has been quoted as saying 'Jewellery is always a treasure, and though it may not be made of gold and diamonds, it should still have that sentiment,' which rings very true for me. Although I love the beauty of precious stones and diamonds, my personal favourite jewellery ranges from a cord bracelet with a plastic skull that I bought from Colette in Paris, to my many sterling silver rings bought from all over the place. Anyway, Binns latest collection 'Rainbow's End' has to be one of my favourites. Firstly it incorporates my love of skulls and secondly, much like the title, he has used splashes of neon rainbow colours, which he hand paints making the jewellery glow in the dark. Seriously amazing! The pieces are fun and wearable, and the only thing stopping me from buying the whole collection is the price tag, as they are a little on the pricey side. Definitely pieces to save up for.. Luckily for me, they are on sale where I work at Husk at the moment, so planning on investing in a couple of pieces!! Below are some of my favourites from a few different collections of his. Go and check out his website HERE to see more amazing artwork!! Do you love!? xx

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Susan said...

Amazing designs of jewelry. Love it.

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