Ilaria Nistri FW12-13

So we just received in the latest collection from Ilaria Nistri at work (Husk) and I have to say, I am totally in love. I pretty much want everything from the whole collection. I love all the styles, the colours, the fits and the materials used. The Maxi skirt with the split open front, seen in the second and third photos below in white, the sixth and ninth photo in black (one has a leather trim- which is even more amazing), and also in the beautiful almost 'chartreuse/lime' colour-way as well as the khaki green, is my favourite piece in the whole collection. I am dying for it! It looks so good on and makes your legs look super long! The drape knits, oversized cuts and layering are all part of the 'look' and make for the perfect silhouette. I actually want to save for one of everything, including the over the knee, black leather wedges worn throughout the look book below, which are so so hot!!! I can imagine them being extremely expensive, but I can see myself wearing them to death throughout winter making the price totally worth it!! I'll just need to convince someone to buy it for me :)
Photographer: Alessandro Dal Buoni  

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issi scog said...

hi, do you know where I could buy the wrapped jumper ( the one that is layered) online? thanks x

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