I'll take you on a Treasure Hunt.

So I am lucky enough to work for a company that I would argue, has the most diverse, amazing and original selection of jewellery sourced from around the world. I have worked for Husk for almost a year now and have been introduced to labels like Shourouk, Lyie Van Rycke, Assad Mounser and Tom Binns. All of these designers have signature styles and looks, while being incredibly unique and different from the many other ordinary labels that exist. I now consider these to be apart of my favourite designers and I will show you why. Now not all of the designers I mentioned above are in the photos below, but I was lucky enough to play around with some beautiful pieces, while Liz McLeish from Street Smith took some photographs, (ummmm… she's such an amazing photographer!!) All items are photographed on me below, and Liz came up with the idea of photographing them against a plain black slip, so the photo is all about the jewellery. I love them, and the jewellery and if you haven't already heard about the designers in the photos below, I highly recommend popping into Husk to check them out, or simply looking them up with the links I've provided below. However, in the fourth photo I am wearing pieces by my fellow LMFF devotee, Megan Castran of Jewelchic, who makes beautiful hand made pieces in amazing bright colours which are great statement pieces for any girl.
In the first photo I am wearing Assad Mounser. Probably a top fave of mine. I just love her designs.. I could wear pretty much all of the collection, any day of the week!
In the second, who else but Shourouk!! There is such a signature look, which I love, and the pieces all interact with each other, without being too much. The vibrant colours are fun and beautiful, and although it is a little bit expensive, the pieces are worth saving up for.
Then I have Venessa Arizaga in the third photo. Love her designs and techniques of making jewellery. It's quirky, fun and very wearable. Her pieces are diverse and you could easily wear them from day to night.
After, as mentioned above, I'm wearing pieces by Megan Castran. Fun, wearable and unique. Great for layering and playing around with!
Last, but not least I have bracelets on by Dannijo. Love the designs, the colours and am planning on buying a few more to add to my growing collection!


Ick Waec said...

These are amazing! Kudos to the photographer!

Vale ♥ said...

Amazing pieces and the pics are so beautiful, loved this post =)

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