Life in the Colour Yellow, Kaleidoscope. National Geographic.

'Yellow evokes the shine of the sun and is found throughout nature and the man-made world as a color that commands attention. This highly visible hue is found on everything from bumblebees to school buses, traffic signs to highlighters.'
While looking up photos from National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards, I stumbled across a series of galleries called 'Life in Colour,' on the National Geographic website. There are albums dedicated to yellow, green, white, red, silverkaleidoscope and more (click on each colour to be taken to the album). They are truly beautiful and if you are a lover of photography I highly recommend checking them out. I honestly don't think I can describe how incredible these photos really are. The creativity and talent is so inspiring! I have now made a plan to take photos of anything and everything of one colour each day for a week, and create folders which I will turn into artwork. It just makes you look at the world differently and appreciate things that you usually wouldn't. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful cameras are these days. Technology has grown and evolved so much in the past decade, it bemuses me to think where it will be in 10 years time. 
In the photos below I have shared the images from the albums Yellow and Kaleidoscope. The photographers for the photos below are in order as follows; Bill Hatcher, David Doubilet, Jim Richardson, Joel Sartore, George Grall, David Alan-Harvey, Justin Guariglia,  Ratan Sonal, Jodi Cobb, Pete Ryan, Michael S. Lewis, Jodi Cobb, Raul Touzon, Jim Richardson, Justin Guariglia and lastly Michael S. Quinton. It is hard to pick a favourite as they are all equally beautiful, but there is something about the shipping containers, photographed in the Malay Peninsula, Southeast Asia, that I absolutely love. It feels like a Willy Wonker world, somewhere far away. It really is amazing how great photographers capture the beauty in the most unassuming of places. I would definitely have that printed and enlarged placed somewhere in my home. Anyway, go check out the albums! Until next time… xx 

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These pictures are gorgeous! love the beautiful colours.


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