FOM '15 minutes' Campaign.

So I met the lovely Catherine Liem of Style Hostess the other morning at the LMFF program briefing. Catherine started her blog back in November, 2011 and since then has been posting anything that she finds 'inspiring, from editorials to cookbooks, street style candids and some personal photos.'  She is so sweet and I'm really glad I got to meet her the other morning! I'm sure we will cross paths again soon. So anyway, after finding her blog Style Hostess I came across her post on Friend of Mines latest '15 minutes' campaign. Teale and Teish teamed up with Alexandra Spencer again, who both styled and photographed the campaign, along with model Rachel Russel (who on the Friend of Mine blog says she's with Next Models, but I can't seem to find her!?),  and hair and make up artist Carelene K, who managed to put together a very soft and natural look with a touch of a smokey eye, which I love!! (PS woah that sentence had so many commas in it…. so many!) Anywayyyy, the model is absolutely stunning and not only that, but the girls mentioned they 'wanted to find a model who could play different roles. Someone who could be vulnerable and mysterious.' I have to say I think she was cast really well and I find her very captivating. It is always so interesting to find the inspiration behind the work of artists, photographers and anyone in the creative realm of work. For this particular campaign, the shots are 'in vain of the "15 mins" quote -made famous by Andy Warhoul.' The photographs are taken in 'documentary style' and aim to highlight the juxtaposition between the reality and glamour of 'life in the lime light.' As it is often believed or viewed upon in society, the life of the rich and famous (and especially models), is seen as 'glamorous, attractive, elegant' to name a few. However, beyond the beautiful hair, make-up and editorials is hours of hard work. To produce a campaign or editorial can take days or even weeks for the final results to be complete. Lots of early mornings and late nights are involved and it is often far from 'glamorous.' But when the jobs are all done and we get to see the final work, it is well worth it!! I respect all those in the fashion business and am so proud of both my sisters, friends and Teale for being a small percentage of the many in the industry who can claim they 'have made it.' Anyway, thanks to Catherine Liem, I came across these shots as I hadn't yet (such a small world in the end!) I just wanted to repost them as I love Alex Spencer's photography and styling! Such a cool cat. Not only is she possibly the hottest woman on the planet, but she is damn talented too!! Enjoy! (Wow… sometimes I really write a lot…. I don't even realise until I have finished, then look and think- how did that happen!? Anyway, hopefully I'm interesting :P…)  xx

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Style Hostess said...

Oh my yes, Alex is such a babe. Each of her post looks exactly like a magazine editorial shoot. So convenient to be regularly inspired by a hottie like her :) x

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