FAKASAKA Jewellery.

So I have recently come across this amazing new jewellery label 'Fakasaka' designed by Fernando Akasaka. Founded in 2006, the company makes a range of products including furniture, lighting and jewellery. Influenced by the underground scene, the jewellery collection is handmade from gold and sterling silver, and has come about from Akasaka playing around and trying out new things with shapes and textures. Based in San Paulo, he is well known for his incredible designs, consisting of contemporary furniture, lamps and household objects. However, this talented designer was destined for great things and it wasn't long before he created his own jewellery line, which came about from his constant experimentation with precious metals and his drive to create original and unique pieces. 
His jewellery ranges from approximately $80 to $800 US dollars and I personally think the pieces are worth every penny! It is definitely worth your while heading to his website now, as there are some amazing pieces on sale! I'm totally in love with sterling silver and already have such a large collection of rings, which after discovering this label- is about to grow even more! After the photos with the models below, I've included photos of some of my fave pieces... I'm really wanting the first and second ring (with the snake), the cuff in the sixth photo down and the ring in the second last photo. I actually would love it all (hey, a girl can only dream!), but I feel like four is a reasonable number to start with. Don't you think!? All of these amazing pieces can be bought here! They post all over the world and have currently gone on sale too, so don't miss out :) xxx

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