There's just something so captivating about Aussie models.

I love these shots! LOVE… Anja is so beautiful, and looking at these photos, has made me want to die my hair back peroxide blonde… Or just really, really blonde!! I'm sick of growing it out for 2 years now.. SOOOO over ittttt. Anyway- these photographs are captivating and beautiful and definitely tell a storey, making me want to see more from the series! I don't care if she isn't tall, and I'm starting to think that the modelling world isn't caring about height so much anymore either… Except on the runway still- one day that will change ;)….. At the end of the day, a good model is someone who is intriguing. Who you can't stop looking at and who sells the images to you. Published in May 2013, for Ausländer Summer 2014, by Andre Nicolau, for Vogue brazil, I can only hope that our Aussie mags take after those overseas and start using some of our more amazing raw Aussie talent in our own mags.. THE COLOURS, THE STYLING, THE CASTING… HONESTLY THIS would HAVE TO BE ONE OF MY MOST RECENT FAVOURITE SERIES :) xx

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