Assad Mounser AW13

Jewellery is definitely my weak spot. I can't get enough. EVER! My fave designer Amanda Assad Mounser of Assad Mounser has kindly sent me her inspiration shots and photos of her Fall collection which I just have to share :). She is so talented and very original, differing from so many other designers out there. Bright, interesting and fun! Looking at her inspiration shots you get an understanding of how it all begins and where the ideas for the pieces come from. To have a signature look, but to always be coming up with different designs is not easy- so I am very inspired by Amanda and all her creations. My sis gave me a necklace (which can also be worn as a double wrap around bracelet- very cool) of hers for my b'day which I love, and she also stock's her designs in her shops at LIFEwithBIRD. Not only that, but Assad Mounser is also stocked at HUSK where I work- so I am never short of pieces to look at and admire. I've chosen a selection of my favourites from AW13 to share with you.. I hope you love and head to her website HERE to see more! :) xxx

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