Nespresso Challenge 'Project Upcycle.'

So many of my family and friends now have Nespresso machines, ordering the many types of coffee that are offered in the boxes filled with beautiful capsules in a variety of colours. I have to say not only does it all look great and is super easy to use, but of course coming from Melbourne and being part of the coffee culture, it also tastes AMAZING. Which is vital! Anyway moving right along, 'Project Upcylce' as you must be wondering, is a new initiative involving six environmental artists and designers, challenging them to create original artworks made completely from sustainable materials, including thousands of Nespresso coffee capsules. Chosen from around Australia, Nespresso commissioned the ambassadors to create their own upcycled artwork over a 14 day period, then donate their work to their chosen charity. I always love this sort of project as I feel everyone comes out winning and it's amazing and inspiring to see the creations people can come up with. Before the artworks are donated to their charities, exhibitions will be shown in each states Nespresso boutiques later this month. 
One of the most important messages Nespresso intends to spread, is the recycling of their coffee capsules, and I can't think of a better way then to use the recycled goods to create art! However, as we aren't all artists and don't necessarily have the time to use our old coffee capsules to make projects, we can at least take the time to recycle them. Nespresso boutiques around Australia offer recycling points, so its worth your while saving them all up and on your next trip down to a store, recycling any old capsules in return for some well-earnt points! 

For more information on the project go to www.projectupcycle.com.au or visit the Nespresso Facebook page. Also, to find recycling collection locations, contact Nespresso Club or visit HERE.

  • NSW: John Dahlsen- Environmental artist.
  • VIC: Ellie Mucke- Sustainable fashion designer.
  • ACT: Alice Sutton- Sustainable fashion designer.
  • QLD: Holloway Eyewear- Eyewear designers.
  • SA: Katrina Freene- Eco-jeweller.
  • WA: Sean E Avery- Environmental Sculptor.
To have a good read over the six ambassadors click HERE.

I am truly blown away by what each artist produced and can't wait to go and visit the exhibition when it's in Melbourne! Make sure you keep checking back to the 'Project Upcycle' website to find out when you can go and view these amazing pieces in the flesh and also check out some behind the scenes photographs of how the six ambassadors made their works of art below. In order of photographs below, the ambassadors are;
1. Alice Sutton
2. Ellie Mucke
3. Holloway Eyewear
4. John Dahlsen
5. Katrina Freene
6. Sean E Avery. 

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