HAZEL accessories.

A good friend from work Rebecca Young, who's incredibly talented, has been working on her amazing accessories line 'HAZEL' for some time now and it is gradually growing and going from strength to strength. I first saw her collection of handbags some time ago while working at HUSK, as we stocked her collection. Her beautiful leather handbags are so original and gorgeous it's hard to pick a favourite! Not only that, but they are practical and very wearable, making them a great investment. Her new collection will be available soon and up on her website so definitely stay tuned!! Here is some info below from her site so you get to know a little about the brand;

"Discover HAZEL, a new bohemian chic range of elegant accessories. All hand crafted, our brand is EXOTIC, ORIGINAL and EARTHY.
HAZEL is a business project initiated by designer Rebecca Young.  This first collection was inspired by an amazing adventure to North Africa, where a spark ignited the passion to design such beautiful pieces. These pieces, handcrafted in Morocco exhibit a commitment to keep bringing traditional materials and age-old artisanship to the new world.  Working with indigenous art cultures, our aim is to continually evolve and develop accessories using the methods of vegetable tanning and hand woven fabrics, which we believe makes them as eco-friendly as possible.  
We are proud and excited to show and share everything HAZEL has to offer.
HAZEL Accessories Pty Ltd is a Melbourne, Australian based label."

View Bec's amazing collections HERE. Inspiration and scrapbook HERE. Stockist info HERE. Orrrr probably just head to the website and take a look!! Click HERE and have a look for yourself :)
Here are some of the beautiful photos from one of Bec's past collections.. Can't wait to see the next designs!! xx

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Truly the world is our runway. So my new year's resolution is to dress up everyday from now on. But need to start with shopping for new clothes. Saw on this site for Bell&Barnett's closing down sale in Melbourne: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/179202#comment-2503974

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