Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013

Started today! Well technically yesterday, but all the same it's pretty exciting as I love Spring and always love Fashion Week. Being a 'a celebration of all that is unique about fashion and culture in the city' it makes me proud to be a Melbournian. Having being running for 19 years now, MSFW provides a valuable platform for local designers, brands and retailers to showcase their work and new season stock. 

To get tickets to any of the events on during the week click HERE, and more importantly to figure out what you want to see exactly and what's on, head to the Program page HERE . With local designers featured in more than 70% of the collections, the MSFW: Designer runways celebrate Melbourne's status as an iconic fashion city. Also supported by Kevin Murphy and Mecca Cosmetica, two highly recognisable Australian brands. It's definitely worth heading down if you are in Melbourne! Not only this, but there are opportunities to see up-and-coming and emerging fashion designers who always cease to amazing me with their incredible designs and creativity! I go each year, however I am unfortunately heading away for the whole of September- so will miss out this year! 

Both my sisters 'Alice McCall' and 'Life with Bird,'will be showing their latest collections in the 'Designer runway Two' on Wednesday 4th September at 6:30pm and a second showing at 8:30pm. Click HERE to find out more info and to purchase tickets to the show!

Below are some photos from the launch and previous years from photographers Pinirou, Lucas Dawson and Sam D'Agostino just to get you in the mood! They make me want to go to a show and get amongst it! Enjoy xx

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