Chloe Norgaard for US Harpers Bazaar

I'm in love with this girl! She's naturally a brunette but has been dying her hair for years by herself and with the help of friends. Usually you only see this sort of colour on models for a show or because they have to. But not Chloe, and I love it! She is not only beautiful, but incredibly unique. I think we will be seeing a lot more of her! She's definitely a new face to watch. Although she has been modelling for a few years, I think she is about to make it big… Well, at least I hope so! Born in LA, she moved to Texas at the age of 2. Her dad is Danish and her mum is Polish/ Irish decent, so a very interesting mix. Below is an editorial shot by the amazing Terry Richardson for the November issue of the US Harpers Bazaar. Makes me want to go and dye my hair crazy colours!! xxx

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