Isabel Marant Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

Isabel Marant can do no wrong. After looking at my good friends Tessa's blog Circa-Now I saw her latest post on Marant's Spring 2013 collection and just had to do a post. I first fell in love with Isabel Marant when travelling to Paris a couple of years ago with my fiancé. We stayed with my gorgeous friend Marta of the blog Life of Boheme (quite well known for her incredible fashion sense) and her gorgeous fiancé Pierre. Marta was working at 'Le Bon Marché'  which is the oldest department store in Paris (and which I highly recommend if you are ever travelling there to shop! I could spend a week in there looking at all the beautiful clothes!). Anyway, Marta is lucky enough to actually work in the Isabel Marant section. I almost died! I wanted so many pieces, however was on a budget and just had to look. So it is now my goal to save up as much money as I can and work really, really hard so that one day I will have a wardrobe filled with goodies! Anyway, onto this latest collection. Marant stuck to her signature bohemian, on-the-prairie vibe look with beautiful and cute mini dresses, skinny jeans and ruffle tops. I am loving the black-and-white island floral dresses with red embroidery, along with the bejewelled and studded embellishments seen on the pants and leather dresses. I could definitely picture a few looks fitting comfortably in my wardrobe. I haven't included pictures from every look in the show, but my favourites are Kasia Stuss in look number 38 on the runway (in the order the models came out) in the embellished slightly cropped red pants, and sheer white Tee with more jewels and embellishments (She's pictured below on the far right on the last row of photos I've included). Funnily enough this isn't an outfit that I would usually be drawn to, but after watching her walk on the runway and seeing the clothing move and her sparkle and come to life, I was blown away. Click HERE and next to her photo you'll see a mini image with the play sign on it which will allow you to see her walk for yourself. Be prepared to be blown away. I really wish I could afford to buy both pieces! Look 39, worn by model Caroline Brasch Nielson is stunning (The left photo on the second row of photos below). She's the girl wearing the mini red leather (not exactly sure if that is the fabric) dress with embellishments and its a dress you can't take your eyes off. STUNNING. I think Aymeline Valade in look number 43 from the show (the girl in the far right photo in row 2 below), looks beautiful and sexy in the embellished white 3/4 sleeve sheer top, red studded belt and white slightly loose embellished pants. Definitely an outfit I would purchase if I had the money! Anyway, as there were just so many I love I have shrunk them and put in groups of 3 (and 4). Enjoy xx

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