Rosie Tupper for Miss Vogue.

Rosie Tupper is one of my favourite Aussie models. She is so amazingly beautiful and I love these black and white photographs from Miss Vogue shot by the amazing Nicole Bentley! If only I could afford the jewellery in them (from $500- $70,000)… One Day? Although in saying that, the ear cuff in the third photo is by ASOS and only $60 so I take back what I said before (and at this stage I can only just afford that!)… Anyway, the last photo is a Dior ear cuff which is also amazing but is $730 so a little bit more pricey.. I'm also loving  the Lanvin Cross necklaces in 1 and 5 retailing for $1020 and $1619.. I've always been a sucker from crosses! hmmmm….. :) xx

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