Chase Cohl and Littledoe

Chase Cohl grew up spending her summers in a national park in Ontario called Algonquin Park, which she has described as; "Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario is my favourite place in the universe. Something about the silence that you witness in the evenings at Algonquin, the simplicity of the existence there, life is at its most naked. The water is the clearest you could ever swim in, the nights are the darkest you've ever seen, being that close to bare earth is truly ethereal," (Chase Cohl). Littledoe, the name of her accessories label is actually the name of the lake in the park there. She's a modern day flower child who grew up backstage at concerts and festivals with the likes of The Rolling Stones and U2, as her father is Michael Cohl, the former chairman of Live Nation (The Coveteur). Can you imagine!? Everything in her world is a reflection of her imagination and visions and can be seen with her teepee in the backyard (Style like u) and interior design of her home.
If you go to her online shop HERE you can buy crystals, hats, headpieces and vintage pieces which all reflect her personal style. She is an accessories designer, poet, singer, songwriter and a very creative talented person all in all! I am glad I stumbled across this girl :) here are some photos of Chase, her style (including the amazing Isabel Marant jacket, ankle boots and hassle sweater, along with the studded Chloe boots, I would kill for!!), her home and her pieces. Enjoy xx

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