My Sister. Sunday Life Cover. 16.09.12.

So I open up The Age today and I see my beautiful sister Alice on the cover of the 'Sunday Life' supplement. Looking beautiful as ever, I suspected the photo was taken just after giving birth. However, after speaking with Al she tells me she was 8 months pregnant!! Wow, I never thought looking like that while preggers was possible :) Anyway, I took photos below to share with you. Hopefully you can read the interview and hope you like!! The second photo is of her label, the model wears the 'Felix' top for $199 and 'Arthur' shorts for $259.
The article is based on designers making Bali there second home and you can understand why!! What a beautiful country and it's only five and a half hours away!!
( If you can't read the article/ interview from my photos, click HERE for the web version!!)

Alice McCall Felix top $199 and Arthur shorts $259

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