My sisters and me.

So todays outfit was inspired by family. My dress is designed by my oldest sister Alice McCall, my blazer (which has a zip that can be made into a cropped jacket, or the longer blazer version, very versatile!) is designed by the middle sister Bird of Life with Bird, the leather handbag is also a Life with Bird bag which I've had for years and it's still amazing! What I love about this bag is that no matter what the 'popular' handbag of the season is, I can get away with this one and feel like I'm still on trend. Not that I think that it is always important to be on trend, cause it's actually quite a great thing to be unique and different and opt for something completely individual so you aren't the same as everyone else. I think it is so important to always put your own spin on trends. I love people observing, especially dissecting girls personalities by looking at their outfits and more often than not you can come across girl after girl looking exactly the same and it says nothing about who they really are. If that makes any sense at all. I will say that I do get caught up in the 'trends' from time to time and get excited about the new hot 'must have' pieces, but then I think we should mix it up and add something that reflects your own taste with whatever it is you are wearing. I love to have fun with fashion and I can never really describe my style as it changes from day to day. I get influences from grunge, punk, tomboy, girlie, man-style, casual chic, vintage, gothic, classy cool, casual, sports luxe and my style icons would have to be… Ok its a long list (and I culled a few!!) Chloe Sevigny, Diane Kruger, Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elin Kling, Cara and Poppy Delevingne, Pixie Geldof and of course my two sisters Alice and Bridget who are both so unique in their style and always look amazing in WHATEVER they are wearing!! It's quite funny though as even though I love to get dressed up, I LOVEEEE to get home and jump into a pair of trackies (I own 12 pairs) a tee and my fiancĂ©s super comfy jumpers. There's just nothing like it!! Anyway, I have a few happy snaps to share with you, just cause.. I know the white heart shaped sunnies are a bit daggy but I think they are kinda cute! Oh and the leather boots are new season from Husk. They are still available and are called the 'Ankle boot' retailing for $495 if you are interested :) click HERE if you'd like a pair!! xx (The staffy is my beautiful baby Lota, definitely considered a bestie of mine! I love her dearly xxx)


MARTA said...


Adrienne said...

You are a phenomenal woman fen - I dig your style and I'm loving that handbag. The Freddo frog, the sunnies, them stems and the glasses.... Case in point. I love it all

Fenella Scarlett McCall said...

Hi Adrienne thankou for your beautiful comment!! It made me smile :) it's not always that I get nice compliments! Thank you and same goes back to you!! Can;t wait to check out your clog and send some love back your way! xxxx

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