ESPRIT supports UN Women.

On March 8th is International Womens Day. This year, Esprit has teamed up with the UN to support the end of violence against women. They have created a range of purple merchandise which has been on sale since February 20th, and with any purchase of purple product, Esprit will donate a massive 50% of the profits to the UN 'Critical Services Initiative,' promoting empowerment and ending violence against women. 
The range consists of 24 pieces of womenswear clothing which is sold throughout Australia in the Esprit stores. To find your closest store, click HERE. They have made it easy to find something for everyone, as you have the option of different hues of purple and a variety of basic Tees to wrap dresses and even silk blouses! The promotion is taking place for the whole month of March so you still have 26 days to get a wriggle on and support an amazing cause. The main focus of 'The Critical Services Initiative' is to help women in Papua New Guinea, by providing counselling and food to those living in shelters, while also helping to provide training to the police force on how to deal with domestic violence and supporting local governments enforce laws. Jennifer Tapia, the Senior Country Merchandiser for Esprit provided the quote below;
 "Esprit is very proud to support UN Women Australia’s 'Critical Services Project' in supporting and educating communities on ending violence against women. Our values and vision resonate with the Esprit woman and the project provides an opportunity to make a concrete impact on a woman's life." 
Founded in 1968, Esprit is a homage to the relaxed, Californian attitude towards life. For Women, Men and Kids of all ages, Esprit creates inspiring styles from high quality materials, paying great attention to detail. In September 2011, a transformation program was launched which will run till 2015 and is designed to sustainably strengthen the brand. Available in more then 40 countries worldwide, with more than 1000 stores, the company has over 12,000 employees and it is so great to see such a international brand get behind such an important cause. This is not the first time the brand has been involved with such an amazing cause, as for Susie and Doug, the founders of Esprit, it is never just about the fashion. For them, it is about generating awareness for important social issues, such as AIDS, as well as being keen environmentalists who want to create a sustainable planet for us to live on. 
I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to grow up in Australia and it is nice to be able to give a little back sometimes. By doing such a small thing, like buying a basic purple T-shirt, or even a beautiful purple silk blouse, you are helping to fight violence against women. I hope that by sharing this with you, we can all play a role and purchase a piece of purple this March from Esprit. Below are some images from the collection, with the beautiful Erin Wasson photographed as well. I believe if we all stand up together, we really can make a difference! I know I'll be buying something purple- and I hope you lovelies do too :) xx

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