Fenji Style Time.

Love this outfit! I'm wearing an Emma Mulholland tee and Romance was Born shorts from JASU, which has such an amazing range of designer clothing! I would have to say though, that Romance Was Born is one of my favourites. These shorts are to die for. So cool and so comfortable. I am wearing a size smaller than I usually would as I liked the look being a little more fitted. Shot in the lane-ways in Carlton, the shorts really came to life amounts the neutral colours in the background. Then there is this awesome tee. Love it! Would get a lot of wear out of something like this. Anyway, the photos are shot by the amazing Liz of Street Smith. Go check out her blog- she has lots of cool piccies on there that you should take a looksie of :) Hope you like! xx

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Yosilda K said...

Gorgeous look dear, love the shorts!

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