TRIANGL swims Neoprene Collection. Perfection.

Ok so girls, summer is not over yet.. I know it may be Autumn, but with the temperature reading 31 degrees at 9:30pm, we are still in for some hot weather.. And what better way to celebrate then by purchasing a pair of the new ULTRA-HOT, ULTRA-COOL and ULTRA-SEXY TRIANGL Neoprene bikinis which have just landed and are selling out fast. It's no surprise too as they are the coolest bikinis I've seen in a long time. The colours are to die for and with names like New York Noir, Miami Mint and Arizona Sunset they have got me wanting one of each- please! Girls they are only $79 and I recommend everyone gets a pair, or two, or three, or hang on- with prices like that just go buy the whole collection. You'd be silly not too! Anyway my faves are Arizona Sunset in the fifth photo down and Miami Mint in the first photo. You then have Malibu Blue in the second photo, California Coral in the third, New York Noir in the fourth, Arizona sunset in the fifth and last but not least Pheonix summer in the last photo. Head HERE to be taken straight to the e-boutique to make your purchases… Make sure your quick- pretty soon they'll be sold out! The stunning model in the photos is Chloe Poliwka (and yes- I will now be exercising at every waking minute cause her body is 'out of control'), the photographer is Aaron Webber, Styling was by Gemma McCarthy and eyewear is CAST EYEWEAR. I feel so lucky to be a Melbourne chick right now… Bring on this amazing weather and celebrate… Even if it is Autumn right now in Aus and it's 11:30pm at night, somewhere in the world it's summer and probably 10am- just in time for the beach.. All you need is your TRIANGL neoprene kini's and the rest is up to you! Enjoy xxx

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y said...

the second pic isn't malibu blue. the one in the pic looks more torquioise. do you happen to know the color? i'm guessing it is discontinued? i haven't seen that specific color before. i really want that color specifically lol. any info would be appreciated. :)

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