Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase. PART 1.

Tonight I went to the Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase. It was probably my favourite runway so far as it was the most diverse, unique and interesting. There were a total of 12 finalists chosen by a panel of experts from the industry that included Elle Roseby from Sportsgirl and Alex and George Cleary from Alpha 60. As quoted on the official LMFF site;
'The Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase presents 12 fashion graduates in a celebration of emerging Australian design talent. Handpicked from renowned design institutions and universities across the country, these gifted graduates have the chance to present their original collections in this prestigious annual showcase.' (LMFF website)
Below are the names of the talented fashion graduates in no particular order. 
Bernadette Francis, RMIT University
Cesar Chehade, RMIT University

Courtney Holm, University of Technology Sydney
Hayley Elsaesser, Queensland University of Technology
Jack Hancock, RMIT University
Kara Liu, RMIT University
Karen Yang, University of Technology Sydney
Koren Wheatley, Queensland University of Technology
Kathleen Choo, University of Technology Sydney
Monique White, Queensland University of Technology
Natasha Fagg, RMIT University
Nixi Killick, RMIT University

I will have to do two posts as I took over 200 photos and there are so many I want to show you, that I figure its to much to all fit into one. But it's getting late and I've only managed to get the last half of the runway shots ready to show you!  I also got some photos of the finalists from another site for you to have a look at the talented bunch! Anyway- enjoy the photos, the clothes were sooooo amazing and it definitely gets your creative mind working! xx
The top six images are from 'The Fashion Section.'

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