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Miss Italy is a Melbourne-based importer and agent for the most amazing and beautiful Italian accessories which have been hand picked. The new agency is the proud exclusive distributor throughout Australia of Braccialetti Cruciani, their very first brand which designs iconic and stunning lace macrame bracelets. 'Glamorous, iconic and 100% made in Italy, the classic Cruciani four leaf clover is the original must-have macrame bracelet that started a style revolution.' Since their launch in the Summer of 2011, more than 8 million bracelets have been sold around the world! The classic 'Four Leaf Clover' comes in more than 25 'to-die for' colour ways and in 2013, new colours and designs have started to make an appearance. I must admit I would ultimately love one in every colour, as they are so affordable and so bloody cute!! They are also the best ideas for presents for friends as they are unique and you have to admit, it always sounds great saying they are 'Made in Italy!' The bracelets are made from macrame lace and produced by traditional Italian lacemakers, which are designed to be worn casually or to dress up an elegant outfit. They truly are statement accessories that every girl must own!
The new bracelet designs include romantic 'Hearts' that come in Bright red and lavender, 'Butterflies' that come in a few different colours including the amazing 'multi-colour' which I am always a sucker for, and the other design, 'Mars' which are available in fluro and black. The vibrant colours are so eye-catching and the intricate detail that goes into making these, amazes me! 
What I love about these bracelets is that not only do they look beautiful, but there is a meaning behind each one. The 'Cruciani Butterfly' is a symbol of liberty, lightness and a long, joyful life. The CRUCIANI Butterfly is the ultimate bracelet for the free spirit and retails for just $23. With the 'Four Leaf Clover,' as you well know, it's a symbol of hope, unexpected joy and good luck. The Four leaf clover has forever been a symbol of happiness and given it's rarity, many consider it to be a powerful good luck charm- I know, I for one do! I can remember spending hours when I was younger, sitting in fields looking for a special four leaf clover, as I am a true believer in this. With this bracelet, it has seven macramé lace four leaf clovers which represent the seven wonders of the world, ending in the letter C. According to tradition, each leaf represents a particular quality: the first- reputation, the second- wealth, the third- health and the fourth - true love. The 'Four leaf clover' bracelet retails for only $19- so I'll definitely be ordering more then one!! The 'Hearts' bracelet has a romantic meaning of 'true love' or as they say 'Per sempre amore… meaning 'love forever,' and the retail price is also only $23. Finally the 'Mars' bracelet, which was launched at Men's Fashion Week in Florence, is a symbol of 'fantasy and of the future.' This bracelet is only $23 and I think so affordable!
Each bracelet comes beautifully packaged in a custom designed sleeve with a guarantee of authenticity and a 'good luck' wish in nine languages. Here are some photos below from their website which you can check out HERE and also some of my favourites. I can't wait to get my hands on some and show you all :) xx

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