Lisa Tomasetti's "Behind the Scenes: The Australian Ballet on the International Stage"

So reading a magazine today I came across an article with a few images from Lisa Tomasetti's collection of photographs 'Behind The Scenes: The Australian Ballet on the International Stage,' with dancers from The Australian Ballet.  She recently had an exhibition on of these images, at the James Makin Gallery in Collingwood, which went for most of the month of March. I'm so sad I missed out on seeing this, as the images would of looked so amazing large and in the flesh. Anyway, I had to look into it more and share these with you as I find them truly beautiful and I wanted the chance to show these to anyone and everyone who is interested enough to look at them. Being a young girl, I was told that I should drop everything to concentrate on a career in ballet, one of the most beautiful and technically challenging forms of dance there is. I was very young at the time, with not much experience in either dance, or knowledge of what life was all about. I choose to rebel, and quit ballet all together to focus on other sports and things. It is something that I will constantly question myself on whether or not I made the right decision. 
As written on Mel: Hot or Not, 'I think it’s a dancer’s constant search for the perfect line and form and the potential expressiveness and passion of the human body which fascinates photographers, painters and sculptors.'  When I see images like these, it takes me to a place of imagination, that I could of been a ballerina in the Australian Ballet, touring the world and performing to people from all walks of life. Dance is one of the most meaningful things to me and something that has the power to make me happy and feel truly inspired and motivated. As described in the article about this series of photos , 'Beauty, grace and athleticism meet the grit, chaos and noise of some of the world’s largest urban cities in these stunningly beautiful, and quirky photographs… Shot over the past eight years in Paris, Tokyo and New York,..there is something almost surreal about photographs of ballerinas in their tutus and satin point shoes “dancing” on hard road surfaces or across bridges and through railway stations.' It's obvious that the dancers are so happy and willing to be a part of this 'side' project of Tomasetti's, such a talented photographer, with photo's that evoke feelings of wonder and amazement, whilst telling an interesting story of two worlds. Worlds that seem so far apart, yet are part of every day life. I love things that make me smile, think and dream, and these photos do all of the above. I haven't posted in a while, as I have been so busy with moving house, work and other things. But after seeing these images and thinking about what it takes to be a ballerina in the Australian Ballet. The hard work they have put in to make their dreams come true, it makes me so motivated to make the most of the time I have got- to live out your dream, whatever it may be, and try as hard as you can at everything that is important to you, as hard work truly does pay off and I believe if you really want something to happen- you have the power to make it happen. As silly as that sounds! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  :) xx

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