MBFWA 2013: Designer Toni Maticevski

I first really came to know of the designer Toni Maticevski at my sister, Bridgets wedding a few years ago in Bali, as he designed her beautiful wedding dress. It was truly amazing and fit like a glove. Perfection and she really did look like a princess. After that, I knew he was a very talented, creative designer who of course designs beautiful, romantic and intricate pieces that make a girl feel special and elegant. Like a lady. In saying this, some of his designs are quite edgy and 'out there,' which can be seen in his latest collection shown at the Merecedes Benz Fashion Week 2013. See more photos from the runway by APL Photography HERE on their Facebook page. Models Ruby Jean Wilson and Julia Nobis both walked for Maticevski and looked absolutely amazing. See Ruby in the second photo and Julia in the third. When they are walking, they command such attention and are so engaging its crazy. Even watching the show through a computer screen (which is streaming HERE on Maticevski's website), they have such a strong presence. He had quite a bold colour palette of black, white, red and white mixed with shades of these, and his designs were classic and original. His work with draping is truly amazing- I wonder just how hard it is to come up with the patterns of some of his dresses and skirts.. I can imagine it would be A LOT of work. Anyway, I hope I get to wear some of his designs one day to some special event as they are truly gorgeous, feminine and stunning designs of artwork. Here's my favourites from the show on Tuesday April 8th, 2013. Enjoy xx

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