LMFF Runway 7. Sunday 24th March.

On Sunday March 24th, I attended L'Oréal Paris Runway 7, presented by Frankie Magazine featuring Gorman, Jolet, Karen Walker, Kuwaii, Leonard st, Limedrop and Secret South. I have to say, I wasn't to familiar with some of the labels showcasing there collections and am really glad I was able to see their designs, as they really are a very talented bunch. Karen Walker never ceases to amaze me and lived up to every expectation. I was also really impressed with all the other designers and there are definitely pieces from each collection I can see belonging in my wardrobe. Here are my picks of the collections. (All photos are sourced from Style Melbourne).

So below are my favourites from Karen Walker. Firstly I just have to say, I am completely obsessed with the sunglasses. They are bright, fun, quirky and cool and I want a pair asap. For some reason I'm loving the look in the first photo below- totally not my style at all, but theres something about loose pants that I am digging. I have bought a few pairs over the last few seasons and still haven't had much wear out of them. I know the time will come, I'm just wanting to feel completely comfortable in them- which sometimes I don't. I'm also loving the colour combo of soft pink and the pearly blue, then of course theres the cute old polka dot, which I think is adorable- yet this look makes it also sexy. I am totally in love with the second look! If I had the confidence to pull it off, I'd be wearing it in a second! The third look is just naturally cool. I've never ever owned a skirt like that as they just don't feel right on me. Kate Bosworth manages to always pull that look off below. Effortlessly amazing! The fourth photo down is all about the sunnies for me. I like the idea of the two pieces in this look separately, but together doesn't do it for me. Then the fifth look is the hero for me for sure. The colours, the printed shirt, the sunnies, the hair. Give me, give me, give me! Totally wanting to steel this look. Perfection. 

The reason I choose to show you this first photo from Kuwaii is because of the colour. Firstly I love Lilac, but secondly I am actually kind of liking the use of the one colour, in slightly different shades. I think the mixture of bright red lipstick and white shoes breaks it up a bit, as well as her brunette hair. I love the dress in the second photo down. Super cute. The colours, the style, so easy! Then I love the idea behind the third outfit, however I feel like the shirt is a little to oversized or something? I'm no designer, but for me, I would prefer there to be a little less material around the arms. I do however, love the little cut-outs on the shoulder. 

So to be completely honest with you, I wasn't too aware of the label Limedrop and had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future collections. The prints, colour and cuts of the clothing are definitely my sort of style. I love the colour of the pants in the first photo and the print of the top. It was also so beautiful to watch the model walk down the runway with the top floating behind her. It's a style I haven't seen an awful lot of. Although there is definitely an abundance of the high-low top with a slight dip from front to back, this brings it to a whole new level which I love.  Once again, as seen in the second picture, I'm always a sucker for a mini dress with long sleeves. There is something really sexy about it, and the soft print is beautiful. I would definitely buy the dress in the third photo. You can never have enough mini black dresses and I love the mesh cut out in the front. Something that would work a lot better for girls with small boobs (like myself), otherwise you could be bordering on the 'slutty' side, as it is a little mini. I'm dying to own a leather skirt and I'm also now wanting a lace cropped bomber style jacket after seeing the look in the fourth photo down. I think we probably all are, as the model just looks so damn hot! I had to include the fifth photo as the girl is so bloody cute. I love the simplicity of the styling and the print on the backpack is amazing. Love it. Want it. Also wanting a nose ring after looking at that photo. Then there is the last photo I wanted to show you, as I was up and down about how I felt with the whole 'print on print' look. But it's only in the last couple of weeks that I've decided the right type of person can pull it off, and when it works, it works! The jacket is a must have and I wouldn't mind the bag as well.. Just really loving this print- as you can tell! 

Blue seems to be the colour this season. It's making an appearance in a lot of the designers collections. I have to say I really do think it is a very flattering colour on all skin types. The shade of blue in the first photo below is soft and alluring. It catches your eye, without being to overwhelming. I, myself am not into the peplum style, however I think the top works really well with the pants, and once again you have blue on blue- which is another trend we are seeing a bit of. I would go out and buy the pants though. Printed pants for me are like shoes and handbags for most other girls. I cannot and will not get enough of them. People are always saying 'they'll go out of fashion,' but I have been wearing my collection of them around the clock, year after year now and have never felt out of place. On top of that, it's important to stray from 'popular trends' and to be individual and not a sheep who follows what everyone else is doing. Anyway, moving along… Love the look in the second photo. Want the beanie, and wouldn't mind the abstract cobalt jacket either. I like the way the stylist has teamed the lighter blue dress under the cobalt blue jacket as well. I love the bird print in the third photo as well as the cute little backpacks. I want it in white and orange! Just a really basic, cute design that would come in handy a lot! The digital print in the fourth photo is super cool and I would love a pair of loose silk pants in that print! Or even leggings... Although, I would settle for anything really, as it's mad! Then there's the photo of the orange backpack I'm determined to own.. That colour orange is brilliant! So good :) Lastly I think the bird print dress is also a really cute lil number and I like the way it's been styled with a beanie and heels. Dressy and casual at the same time. 

Cut out detailing and abstract silhouettes made a distinct appearance in the Jolet collection. Although the dress in the first photo is not my style (due to the peplum mainly) I really like the design around the shoulder and neckline, along with the simplicity of the abstract mini to mid length lines. The black heels are very sexy, along with the hat and red lipstick. It's a classic look with a modern twist and Ivana looks amazing in this dress. Then, as you may of guessed already, there are some printed pants in the second photo that I had to share. I've also started to buy shirts, and I love the look of a sheer shirt with a sexy bra underneath. Although, depending on how sheer the shirt is, not to sexy - as that can be dangerous. I like the way the print is softer on the shirt and the choice of bra as its simple and works well. Once again we are seeing the print on print look! Soon it will be everywhere, I'm telling you :) The third dress belongs in my wardrobe. Love the cut-outs and the design. Hopefully that is the sample dress the model is wearing, as they are usually shorter then the dresses that go into production. Even though she is tall, I'm guessing it would be a little too mini for me if that is the length of it. Then there is the digi print dress with cut out shoulder detailing. Not my style, but very cute and strong, making it sexy and I can imagine it looking amazing on the right girls. In the last photo is the other digi print dress that I love and even though it is peplum, I may be tempted to wear this one as I love the design of the sleeve and asymmetrical skirt. It's sexy and fun and I like the way the print works on this particular style. 

Love the first look below. Simple and sexy. Wearing black on black, with a coloured lip and coloured accessories, such as the clutch and earrings works well for me. This particular cut of skirt is very popular at the moment, and I'm not surprised as it's very flattering and I feel like it makes your legs look longer. Maybe thats just me!? Then I would also love the outfit in the second photo. Oversized jumper with mini shorts/ skirt always looks great. I love the colour of this jumper, and its good tone to break up the black and white of the shirt and shorts. I LOVE the dress in the third photo, however I would wear it without the collar and necklace. I feel like it is such a bold print, it doesn't need a necklace or neck piece- probably just my style though! I think it's cute with the matching clutch. The clutch on it's own is a winner! I love the look in the fourth photo- the colours are soft and natural and the jacket and skirt and staple's for the wardrobe for sure! Then how amazing is the dress in the last photo! Once again we are seeing blue, and even though it is not figure hugging, mini or shows off much skin, it is very sexy and powerful. I wouldn't wear it with the scarf, but I appreciate that look and the model pulls it off amazingly. Cobalt blue + red lipstick = HOT!

So I saved the first photo cause of the pants. I think they are super cute and I would definitely wear them with a plain white tee and black heels. Then I love the styling of the second look. The models legs look like they go for days. Probably because they do. The black coat, worn as a dress with a belt around the waist is very sexy. I also feel you can never go wrong with the pairing of black and leopard print. Then I think the black top with metallic gold polka dots in the third photo down looks super cute, and I'm also loving the leopard print blazer.. I'm a sucker for animal print. Always have been, always will. Yes it may date, but not in my head ;) 

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