MBFWA 2013: designer Ellery

Ellery can do no wrong. Really. Her designs are beautiful and desirable. I want to own so much of her collection. It's always the way! I love the shoes they have used in her show, they are ultra cool and somehow remind me of the days when I was obsessed with dressing like a dancer, and thinking that it was cool to wear leg warmers out, with dresses or whatever. That sounds really weird doesn't it! Maybe some of you will know what I mean. I love the look of the mini shorts or skirts with this heavy shoe, which looks almost like mini 'A-Line skirts' over your ankles. Perfect for me as I have Cankles. You know- the calves that run into your ankle, so you really don't have any!? Well, thats me- so these shoes are the perfect disguise. Anyway, I love the first look. Black and gold always looks great together. So does a big jacket with small, mini shorts. The models legs may infact add to the reason why this 'look', looks soooo amazing! Probably. Then there's Julia looking angelic in the second photo. Her beautiful pale skin, white blonde hair work well with the all over white look. Her look's have grown on me in a massive way. At first I really wasn't sure what I thought about her, but she truly is beautiful and not in the obvious way. The more you look at her, the more you fall in love with her looks. I'm loving the pants in the third photo, but also have to comment on the models hair cause I dig it.. Messy and styled perfectly. Then I have put up another photo of Julia in that beautiful black dress. She's so slim and tall so she looks absolutely breathtaking in this dress. It's amazing how eye-catching a plain black dress can be. I love Cassie's look in the photo below with the very basic mini black dress contrasted with the white shoes. I have to say though, she's too skinny!! I saw her walk in the LMFF and was thinking the same thing in the flesh.. The fact that she has a baby, baffles me.. How it is possible and to have a body like that!?? I guess she's still, what, 20?? Yes she is naturally skinny- that's for sure, but this is different. She's lost too much weight. Anyway, she still looks amazing, as does her hair. It's a beautiful colour at the moment. All in all, the hair and makeup for the Ellery show is beautiful! I'm loving the look after Cassi in the seventh photo down. I always love a bulky jacket tied around a stylish outfit. Once again, I just feel the shoes tie the whole look together and work perfectly! Then there is the model Claire Collins (99% sure that's her name), who I think is one of the most stunning models in the Aussie market right now. She is sooooooo beautiful! Anyway- I love the gold skirt, but not sure about the top.. It's growing on me, but I don't get the look right off the bat.. I'm obsessed with the look after that with the bulky black jumper and high waisted black shorts. Super cool and easy and hot! I think it's very sexy for a girl to be wearing quite bulky clothing on the top, with something mini and loosely fitted or figure hugging, so you show off your legs. I think its flattering and sexy- especially when your a model and have legs like those!! Lastly there is Ruby Jean in an outfit I probably wouldn't of clicked and saved had it not been for her in it.. That's the amazing thing about her- she can make anything look good and appealing. I guess thats why she in such high demand both here and internationally. Anyway, click HERE to be taken to more photos from APL.

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