MBFWA 2013: designer Camilla and Marc

For years and years one of my favourite designer couple duos (be it brother and sister, not husband and wife) have been Camilla and Marc. I honestly first thought they were a couple, cause they look so different, but was swiftly told that no, they are not together, they are related! Anyway, what a beautiful collection they produced this season. Black, white, bronze, lace and colourful animal print. All the things that make me excited- in terms of fashion and design. I love the belts! With what looks to be a rose gold metal buckle, or also in black and silver. I love the second photo of the white dress on Cassie. The slit at the front is in just the right position to show off the best part of a woman's leg- when she walks. Oh so sexy. I also like how the dress is not fitted and sits off the body- yet is quite structured. It's very appealing and interesting. The bronze printed 'velvet-looking' pants and bodysuit are to die for! So good… The ideas of outfits I would pair either of those items with, going through my head are endless..    The lace fabric they have used in the collection is divine! Truly stunning.. I really want the long sleeve lace top seen in the last photo! Diggin the low slung purple printed pants in the sixth photo on my fave model Claire.. God she's hot and looks super cool in this outfit. After Claire, is Ollie who after LMFF dyed her hair from peroxide blonde- something she was known quite well known for, to dark brown. She's definitely a chameleon, looking good with any colour hair! Wish i could say the same for myself! I tried going dark brown once and it did not look good at all!! Anyway, back to Camilla and Marc and that lace top she's wearing. How friggin how is it!?? She has no bra on and looks so sophisticated and elegant which is not something you would usually say about a girl with a lace top and no bra. Then after this look I love the bronze bodice playsuit with high waisted belt and sheer skirt. HOT! The necklace also works perfectly as an accessory for the look. Then we have the purple and orange leopard print. AMAZING…. I love orange and I love animal print… The purple is a surprisingly good contrast and works really well back with the print. Theres a few different styles in this print but I particularly like the skirt and the way its styled back with a plain bright yellow silk blouse is perfect. Bright, bold and fun, without being too much. The light grey-blue and black print dress is super cute! The print almost looks like little branches or something. I love the style of dress and I  can see so this being one of their best sellers amongst the younger C & M fans. I in fact would love to own this… Very cute! The black and white dress next, isn't my style at all, but it is so beautiful and I love the way you can see the white lining under the fluted twist skirt. Very classic and stylish. Then you have Rachel Rutt in the white pants and crop top (that every girl needs in her wardrobe!). I love the contrast of the black belt, the shape of the white crop top and the fit of these pants- although it is slightly hard to tell in the photos. Last there is my favourite top!! That lace fitted long sleeve, high neck style is oh so beautiful. Oh la laaaaa.. The skirt- not such a fan of. but hey- that's just me!! Anyway, to see more of the photos click HERE. Enjoy xx

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