MBFWA 2013: designer Emma Mulholland

So I first came across Emma Mulholland from the beautiful Liz from Street Smith when we did a 'street style' shot together and I wore an 'Emma Mulholland' top with some Romance was Born shorts. This look got a lot of comments as it was quirky and cool- just like her collections. I feel like she actually reminds me a bit of Romance was Born, however there are a lot of differences and they are both very unique and individual. Emma MulHolland has a feeling of vintage eighties, meets futuristic quirky cool. I love the styling with the hair and make up in this show. It makes for good entertainment and it's always interesting when things are a bit different to usual. Her pieces make a statement, yet I feel like you could wear one item and dress it down with a more basic piece so it's a bit more wearable to those who don't want to stand out, as her designs really do 'Stand Out'! I love it though and would totally rock a lot of her pieces. Hows the hair in the first shot!? It looks like there are spray-painted sunglasses on the bright orange fringe. Different ay!? I would love to own the dress in the second shot and think the bracelets are super cool as well. I mostly love the mix of colours used, the sleeve on the dress and the texture using sequins! Cuteness to bootness! The orange top in the third photo down is not my style however I can totally see the right chick rocking that.. But I do love the 'what looks to be a' skirt underneath the top. The print is epic! Absolutely love the sheer white dress with sequinned whale in the fourth photo. The models blue hair completely compliments the white and black as well. The jewellery is quite out there, but thats her signature look and the way she pulls it off all together somehow works- which is not something a lot of labels can do. I would love both the top and skirt in the fifth photo down that Julia Nobis is wearing. And how she makes me want that hair is just ridiculous- cause that's what it would look like on me!! But wow- she looks amazing! I am liking the soft neon colours of the palm tree's against the background of black in the tea. Striking in an understated way. Then there is the first image that I put up of her mens collection. Love the jacket he is wearing and love the print. I would totally wear that jacket on top of a cute plain fitted mini dress… like a neoprene baby blue tight fitted mini… Or even a white neoprene dress… But hey- I probs wouldn't take the jacket off a) because I love it and b) because I would be bloody self conscious in a tight fitted mini neoprene!! Rachel Rutt in the eighth photo down could possibly be my fave I think!! I am obsessed with printed pants- as I have said time and time again, in posts in the past. I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough… Yep, I did mean to write that twice ;) And hows the top! An almost bright blue animal print, mixed with black mesh, mixed with orange triangle detailing cuffed sleeves… love it! I don't really know if that was the right description of that top, but it's the only way I can think of how to describe it right now.. Getting late you know!?
OMG- so I don't know what just happened to this post but I had written about all the other outfits under this one I just talked about and posted it- then I went to view it on my blog and all this weird 'coding' appeared on my page, just under what I had written above and all my writing below was gone…. So bloody annoying! But what can you do!??? So back I go to where I lost it all from.
Anyway, so I think what I had said was that we are seeing a lot of orange and blue for next Spring Summer 2013-2014. Like we did in Camilla and Marc- the two colours work really well together! After that I had mentioned the two boys outfits below and how super unique and cool they are.. Love the bomber jacket with the print, and I am digging the guys red hair against the clothing as well in the other outfit.. Looks awesome! Then you have the bikini, which I'm not sure is waterproof but I wanted to share it with you cause I love the style of it and the colours and the girls bod is pretty damn hot! So I have to say- totally love the last 2 outfits! The dress is a winner cause I love that print. It reminds me of those blackboards you had when you were younger with all the multi colours underneath- then you had those pens that you would use to scratch out the black and write messages or draw pictures to make all the colours underneath appear… How cool were those!? I want one again! The jumper in the last shot is wicked. Printed jumpers are so in right now- I think Kenzo really took them mainstream again. This one is fun and I wouldn't mind owning it!! Cute skirt too hey! Anyway, hopefully when I click 'update' I don't loose all my writing again to some weird code appearing all over my bloggy-woggy. xx

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