MBFWA 2013: designer Alice McCall

Well, I am not being biased, but my sisters label is truly one of my favourite Australian Designers. I am so sad I couldn't make it up to Sydney to attend Fashion Week and my sisters show… I'll have to organise next year in advance as it just snuck up on me!! Anyway, Alice McCall's latest collection embodied grace and was feminine with that little bit of edge that she always manages to get just right. There was lots of oversized shapes to be seen in the collection which was inspired by 'under-the-sea,' which had a lot to do with the turquoise-blue eyelashes and hair that made the models look like they had just stepped out of the water, on to the runway I guess! Makes sense in the fashion world :) Anyway, Al used navy and white together which has been partnered together in past collections of hers and I think always looks great together, along with creams, whites and oranges which were truly beautiful. There were hints of metallics, lots of sheer fabrics and exposed midriffs, which have been a trend throughout lots of the designers collections this season. The digital prints made a come back and worked perfectly against pretty and playful designs and I think once again- my order will be HUGE!! I'm dying over the matching blazer and pants in the sixth photo down.. Simply dying, I tell you! The first outfit is cute- not me, but very cute! Then I don't know if the second one is a dress or top and skirt but the top of it and shoulders are seriously amazing! It's like a spider web that was made in the sea- well that's my thoughts on it anyway! Love the floaty look in the third pic. Easy, breezy, beautiful Alice McCall girl ;). I really want the dress in the fourth photo. So sleek and sexy. Love the print and the way it's synched in at the waist- very flattering! Then you have my fave- the matching blazer pants combo. I will own this. I just know it! The sheer maxi in the sixth photo is stunning and I love the soft material and draping peplum style to the waist. Very gorgeous. Pretty sure its a beaded playsuit after that which I think is amazing.. As I've said before- long sleeve with a lotta leg showing- always a good look! I love how it's not figure hugging and just loose and easy. I have a really strong feeling that the jumper and skirt after that will also make an appearance in this wardrobe of mine… OMG I loveeeee the skirt. So cool.. I've honestly only in the last sixth months decided I like skirts and now own a couple..Never thought I'd be a skirt kinda girl, but things change and I'm happy for it. The jumper is super cute too and that look is big at the moment! Ruby looks beautiful in the oversized vest and digital print T style dress.. Love the colour palette and the style. Then the outfit after that with the french navy pants and puffed sleeved blouse is really not my style, but in my mind- very sexy and cool on the right kind of girl. The next dress is almost a staple Alice dress- a signature look that is instantly recognisable as Alice McCall. Very cool, cute, flirty and fun. Loving the white maxi underneath with all the detailing and cut outs.. Around the waist too- very clever as it gives you that hourglass figure and elongates your legs, which most girls love!? I'm pretty sure I need to own the grey marle printed Tee dress with the orange. Love. Easy and cool. Then again- not me, but love the white and orange printed top and skirt in the look under this. The print reminds me of so many different things, but the word that comes to mind is 'Volcanic.' The silhouette of the silver grey and black top and skirt look after that is amazing. Very powerful and sexy. Something I don't think I'd ever be confident enough to wear- but if you were Christina Centenera- you'd pull it off in a second! I think the dress Julia Nobis is wearing underneath this is really cool and easy, with that amazing print! Then I am totally in love with the next dress. The style- the print- everything! Such a winner and super, dooper hot! Ruby Jean pulls off the puffed cream shoulder top and high waisted mini shorts like they were made for her- and making me want to wear them, but it just wouldn't look the same! Then I have no idea how the dress below her is holding up!?? You obviously need to have no boobs to wear this one.. Crazy- Can't wait to see it in the flesh! Then I guess to cut to the chase and wrap it up- I WANT ALL THREE LOOKS in the last 3 photos.. hint hint- Birthday coming up fam! But then again- these clothes don't hit the shop floor for a few months, so I guess we'll just have to save up instead. Obsessed with the white crop top and shorts, love the white pleated dress, then dying over the top and shorts in the last pic. Congrats Al- you never cease to amaze me and I'm so proud you are ma sis!!!! Love ya xxx (Photo's taken from Style Hunter)

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