MBFWA 2013: designer Ginger and Smart

I have always loved Ginger and Smart. Their prints, their cuts and their styling. I could of really saved every photo from their collection to show you, but chose the ones below as my picks of the bunch. See the rest HERE from the APL Facebook page. Their show was on day 2 of Fashion Week and what a great start to the week.  Bold prints and colours, sexy and flirty cuts that are edgy and cool. I could really own everything in the collection if I could afford it! Loving the outfit in the first pic! The matching blazer with high waisted shorts and the little white crop top to finish off the look works so well. Then the printed cropped loose top, matched back with the fitted high waisted printed mid length skirt is also such a good look- in my eyes. Very stylish and cool, without trying to hard. How amazing is the print as well!? You can see it better in the fifth photo when it's slightly more close up. The colours are epic and I loveeeee. Underneath this look, is the dress version of the top and skirt, which I don't know if I would wear as I'm not so used to that style, but think it's amazing and would look great on the right girl. Had to include the photo below that, with Ruby Jean.. God she is so amazing looking. She has a mixture of an innocence meets evil look about her. An Angelique devil. Maybe that description is a bit extreme, but you get my point. I've fallen in love with the outfit under Ruby. The cropped printed black and white bomber jacket, with high waisted mini leather shorts. How hot! Honestly. I want both pieces in my wardrobe bad!! Love that the jacket is just black and white as well, as it would look amazing over a bright top or dress.. Ahhhhh…. The black dress with sheer panelling is not my style at all but I do appreciate the design and it's a very sexy dress that would look so hot with hair up, red lippy and either black accessories, or contrasted with a really bright bag or shoes. Amazing… Then there is the pale pink suit with hot crop top underneath.. Def want to own that! Such a goodie.. I probably wouldn't wear the suit, but its beautiful! The outfits in the last 3 images I'm dying over. the printed dress in the third last, the crop top and pants in the second last and then the whole look in the very last image is out of control! So bloody cool. That jacket- so so cool… The skirt, just perfect- the colour and the design. Simple yet makes such a statement, then the printed crop top.. There has been a large amount of crop tops in this collection and I really think its becoming acceptable to wear just a crop top with high waisted pants, shorts or a skirt. Where as a couple of years ago, I think the idea of this look was considered maybe a bit slutty? Or maybe thats just me thinking that.. Ginger and Smart have totally made me want to rock this look though and have fun with my outfits.. At the end of the day, who cares what other people think- as long as you are happy and feel good in what you are wearing, nothing else matters!! Enjoy xx

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