MBAFW 2013: designer 'Camilla'

So to be honest with you . Camilla really isn't my style. I didn't think I would ever have the urge to walk into her store, however, after seeing these images below from APL Photography at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Syndey, currently on at the moment, I feel like I might just want to pop in to her shop in Hawksburn Village, Melbourne, when the new season hits the store. The colours she uses are so out there- and I always thought for me, probably a little too much. But I'm slowly getting into it, understanding it and I guess feeling the confidence to wear it. I feel like when you are wearing her designs, you are telling the world you are happy and confident- which I guess sometimes I have a hard time doing. Often wearing black, navy, white and grey- blending in to all the other Melbournians (which are a fair few) that don't wear colour. Out of the many designs in her show, the photos I've chosen to share below are pieces that I personally love, for some reason, and would potentially buy them for my own wardrobe. I've never been a maxi skirt kind of girl, but the little crop top in the first image is super cute and I can imagine would look great under a sheer white top, or with a pair of high waisted shorts. In saying that- I am in love with the colour scheme in the skirt- and would totally rock a pair of silk pants or leggings in this print. The style of dress in the second pic, as well, is something that I have never worn- but I like this look and love the print. Maybe one day, I'll get the feeling I want to wear it- with a cute pair of sandals or even little converse… Or maybe even a bright pair of Jelly Bean sandals!? The third photo I choose mainly because of the colours. I don't think I would ever wear this style myself, but the model looks absolutely gorgeous and on the right person- this dress would look amazing! Once again, I wouldn't wear the outfit in the fourth photo, but I'm loving the print and the colours. I have a friend I can imagine wearing this outfit and looking absolutely at home, and amazing- as does the model! I'm not sure if the outfit in the fifth photo is a top and skirt, or a dress, but that's something I would like to own.. So cute!! Especially if it is a singlet and skirt as a) you can wear them together as a dress, and b) there are so many options on what to wear with the top and skirt that would look amazing! The jewellery in this look is also really cute and I've been on the lookout for some cute arm bands to wear. Would TOTALLY buy the dress in the sixth photo.. Love it! The colours, the cute style! Wear it with some amazing heels, cute ankle boots or lil biker boots to toughen the look up, or simply wear with cute sandals to rock the whole bohemian look… So many options!! Then of course there is the last photo of the model with the designer Camilla. I'm loving the lil jacket the model is wearing- looks really cool and easy, with a great print on it. Then there is Camilla- in one of her own designs and something she looks truly beautiful in and pulls off so easily, however I would look so weird if I was wearing that! I would feel strange and therefore look totally awkward in it! But that is what is so great about everyone having their own individual style! It makes people observing fun and I'm loving checking out what all the lovely ladies are wearing attending the shows this week at Fashion Week! Anyway- head HERE to the APL Facebook album to check out more photos from her amazing show… So bright, it's nice to look at after such a cold, overcast day here at home! xx

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