A bunch of my faves from Jager at Spendour.

I just came across these photos from the Jagermeister Australia facebook page. Can't help uploading a few as they are such amazing photos. Loved some of the outfits and freaky make-up worn over the three days there. I had told myself I was going to take outfit shots at the festy to share with you, however the freak hailstorm that first day put me off bringing my camera! Anyway, I know theres a few so I hope you like :) xx
Photo 3: Fenji (Me x)
Photo 4: Peri x
Photo 9: Beautiful Bambi and amazing looking friend!!
Photo 11: Peri and Fenji
Photo 12: Peri
Photo 13: Fenji (and no I didn't change throughout the night- these are from 2 separate nights!!) I want this camera!!!
Photo 26: Bambi xx

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