WILDFOX white label collection. 'Being Good- Being Bad'

So if you haven't already heard of the label Wildox, then here's a little sneak peak inside one of their collections. This is their latest 'white label' collection 'Being Good- Being Bad.' For all info and stockist details for them ( or in other words, to find out where you can get your hands on some of their amazing pieces), contact Eyegasm Brands (this link will take you to their Facebook page which has more information). You can also call them on (03) 95287300 for any questions or to find out stockist details.
It was hard to pick only a few of my favourite images from the look book to share with you as there are so many that I personally like. But I managed to pick like a fifth of them (yes it is a large collection) !! Here's my faves below.
Okay after uploading them I now realise I chose maybe a few too many. Oh well, better more than not enough! I have a slight problem/ addiction with clothes and shopping.. However, I am slowly starting to learn the satisfaction of purely 'window shopping'. Just looking at the clothes and admiring, as I know for now there is no way I could afford as much as I would like to buy!! hmmm…xx

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