Instagram August 2012 update.

So as some of you may already know, I am quite addicted to good old instagram… Back when there was Myspace, then Facebook, half the time I was actually wanting to look at photos of my mates, randoms and whatever- kinda like flicking through a magazine just to look at all the photos, and never really spending much time reading any of the writing. Of course, as you grow older, the articles in magazines become more appealing, but your friends 'status updates' on Facebook often do not.
The great thing about these 'social networks,' is that just like a magazine- finding out about all the goss on the celebs, seeing what they are up to, what they are wearing etc.. we now have the chance to do all the same thing, but look at our 'friends' and 'friends of friends'.
So it is like a digital version of a weekly glossy but filled with info and images of people you know and friends you have grown up with! Of course both Myspace and Facebook are both heavily dedicated to 'writing on friends walls' and with the 'news feed,' reading often (not always) boring and unnecessary information that you really don't care less about (kinda like some of the articles in magazines).
So then along came the genius idea of Instagram. The fact that it was sold for $1 billion to Facebook says enough in itself. Purely based on Photography by friends and for friends. Incase you haven't already got an account, each instagram user can take photos or simply upload photos that they like (taken from another photographer- however be careful as lots of people copyright there images), and over time have a very user friendly page dedicated to a wall of there photos that they either took, or have uploaded onto their account because they love/like/admire them. It's simple- you upload photos then people follow you (if they like your photos and want to see more), and you can follow anyone. Friends, Celebrities, even cats/ dogs have there own pages!

You can find my account by clicking HERE TO FENJI INSTAGRAM. Anyway, I have been using it for a few months now and still love it. Here a a few I have uploaded to my account in August.
Enjoy xx

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