Josh Goot Pre Collection 12-13.

For Goot's latest collection, he was greatly inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, which makes sense when you look at his choice of colours, shapes and fabrics. Known to stand out from the crowd, Goot actually makes his own fabrics and prints which can take days and days to get right. He uses a process of bonding silk to foam, so what looks like a simple wetsuit material (neoprene), it is actually very, very different! It's taken me a little longer then some, but I finally thinking I could make one of his designs my own. After watching Lara in one of Goots Rose bomber jackets day-in day-out (you have to admit- she looked pretty amazing), as well as Alexandra Spencer from 4th and Bleeker wearing it here, I've decided I need one! I'm dying over the skirt in the second pic, the jacket in the third, the dresses in the sixth and seventh shots and the jacket in the tenth! If only….A lot of the shapes and styles are reminiscent of the 80's like the bomber jacket, body con dress and sweater dress which I never thought I'd get in to, it's just that Bambi makes everything look so good! :) xx

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