Lui Hon. Melbourne Design Awards.

Lui Hon have been nominated 3 times for the Melbourne Design Awards and it's easy to see why. Born in Malaysia, Lui Hon graduated with honours in fashion design at RMIT university, here in Melbourne. He was one of the most, if not the most talented designer on the first season of Project Runway and from there his portfolio was shown to the iconic designer, Helmut Lang. Pretty impressive! The two categories Lui Hon is up for this yeas are for  'Fashion Label - Both seasons, AW12 Whispering Root & SS113 Prism of Light,' as well as 'Fashion Stylist - AW12 Whispering Roots'. So if you like what you see (images shown below), I recommend you click on the links above and vote! Part of the decision making is public voting, so if it was up to me, I'd say go and vote!! Lastly, go and check out his website Lui Hon if you feel you need a little more convincing! I can definitely see a few of the pieces below hanging nicely in my wardrobe! :) xx


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Modern looks! Very elegant, looks like a sure bet. Best of luck!

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