Boots, oh how I love thee.

So i have an obsession with boots! Love them. I have gone through 2 pairs of my good friend Teale Talbots Friend of Mine Eastwood Boot (link to the boots- where you can buy! But watch out, they aren't the only amazing boots she designs for sale on her website), which are in the 7th photo down. Mine both have silver buckles though and since they have been pretty much the only boots I wear day in/ day out, I am still yet to learn the art of 'polishing' them, leaving them looking very 'vintage/ scruffy' (sorry Tealey). I often go along with the 'yeah I like the look of them scruffy and vintage', but I would prefer them looking nice and polished!! One Day.. Anyway, seriously thinking of biting the bullet and buying a third pair, the ones with gold buckles. Firstly because I don't think there are any more left with silver buckles, secondly because I think I would just be stupid to buy a third pair of the exact same boot (as in with silver buckles, at least the fact that they have gold buckles makes them kinda different!) and fourthly because I intend to look after the next pair- polishing and all so I have a great new pair of my faves in good condition. Good reason? I think so...

The boots in the 5th and 6th photos are also 'Friend of Mine' boots. The 5th ones are the Datona Boots which I am wanting to add to the collection and the 6th ones are the Cross Heal Red Boots which are an amazing colour and have a cross on the heal!! I'm in love with crosses (not that religious- just love them) and skulls as I'm sure you may have gathered!!

Love the first pair in the photos. Just typed in 'Vintage Biker Boot' on eBay and found them. They have since sold and weren't even my size. Lucky- cause I am broke and have 2 $350 fines coming my way from bloody red light cameras! I've never had one in the 8 years of driving and get 2 in one week!! Anyway, the second photo are Harley Davidson boots- loving a few of their styles and planning to invest in a couple soon.. Just when the money sitch gets a lil bit better!! The third and fourth photos are of Sam Edelman Boots which I've always had an obsession with for years now, and still don't own a pair!! One day. The eighth to thirteenth photos are of Jeffrey Campbell Boots which I have provided a link to the Urban Outfitters online store as they usually have a large great selection of his most current up to date boots.

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