Jolie & Deen.

So just a casual Saturday afternoon, going down to get a boost juice (passion mango, extra thick, current fave- although I hate mango's so it's a lil weird!) anyway, noticed this store 'Jolie and Deen' and went inside for a lil looksie. It's on Glenferrie rd in Hawthon, literally next to BOOST. So not planning on spending any money at all cause I really don't have any too, then I found about 6 things that I loved including this cute thin gold ring with a lil skull, Maurie and Eve pants and heaps of cute coloured winter knits all which were reasonably priced ( I think). Decided that I was going to buy something pretty quickly and ended up with this amazing melon coloured knit jumper with a detachable grey hood. It's part of the stores collection 'Jolie and Deen'. you can attach the hood to the jumper with little buttons- clever thinking!! I took a couple of photos to show you! I would recommend going there and checking it out as they have great pieces at the moment, and also cute jewellery and accessories which are always great present ideas. Even take a look Here (Jolie and Deen) and check out the website. I just chucked it on with my trackies at first when I got home, then tried it with my Maurie & Eve pants. Ended up wearing it with my denim cut off one teaspoon shorts, tights and tristan blair shoes (didn't get a piccie)! haha. But it's very versatile! (The colour does look a lil different in real life- just funny lighting in these photos)xx


Georgiana xx said...

Love it! You look amazing babe miss you!!

Fenella Scarlett McCall said...

Oh thanks gorgeous! I miss you lots! We'll have to collaborate and do some posts together when your back in town!! yayyyyy xxxx

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